WTF? What's With Ebay's New Listing Format? It Stinks!

  1. I haven't listed an item in over a month or so and wasn't aware that changes had been made to their listing format. It really sucks!! I couldn't upload more than four pictures...the description got all screwed up with words blanketing other words. Does anyone else not like this change? Please help!!!:tdown:
  2. I generally hate all the new changes they have made. It's annoying that you can't check that "search in titles and description" box (or whatever it said). And that it doesn't show auctions and buy it now together. Now you have to check them out seperately.

  3. Thanks Rain12...I finally figured it out! Ya isn't always better!! Why do they make these changes when they only complicate rather than simplify things! Grrrr...eBay really gets on my nerves sometimes. I appreciate your help though!!:yes:
  4. On searching - down the bottom of the page is a link to opt out of the new search format.
  5. ^ oh thanks!! i will be using that. i hate the new listing format.
  6. Yeah it's so annoying. I'm glad I started using Auctiva when I did, the new form seems more confusing than helpful.
  7. I opt out of the new search format too. I hate it!
  8. Their process is pretty interesting, I think. They do a lot of user testing of the changes they make, and they do alternate versions on different user groups - when you see a change, it may be just temporary as part of a test, and it may be different from what other users are seeing. I don't know what their criteria are for selecting the version they go with - I'm sure it has as much to do with statistical analysis as with whether the users say they like it or not - but it's definitely not just random. Apparently the number of people "opting out" of a change is one factor they consider, though.
  9. I have been listing with auctiva for over a year now.....I don't even think I remember how to list on eBay:shame: I understand what you mean though, I hate when they change things.
  10. I also use Auctiva and love it.:tup: