WTF Vanity Fair??

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  1. Does this strike anyone else as wrong? I know that we are vigilant against fakesters and report auctions left and right, but does it amount to a hill of beans when this shows up in print? What do the advertisers think? Am I out if line? Let me know....

    I have on my wrist what would appear to be a $16,000 Swiss watch. A friend brought it back from Vietnam. It cost him $10. I put a $120 alligator strap on it, and someone who represents the company that makes the real version could not tell it was fake.

    This is a quote from the editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter, in this months issue. What happened to Fakes are Never in Fashion?? I wonder if said Swiss watch company buys space in VF?:cursing:

    More: A few weeks ago, my youngest son e-mailed me a photo he took of a pile of bootleg videos being sold on a Chinatown street corner. One of them happened to be The Kid Stays in the Picture, a documentary about Robert Evans that I produced six years ago. When documentary films about long-ago studio heads, never mind Steven Spielberg hits, are getting knocked off, you know that serious change is afoot in the transmission of intellectual property. I will admit, however, that I felt a flutter of pride in having produced something deemed worthy of being knocked off. It is a form of validation, proving that not only is imitation sincere these days, it can also be flattering.

    I doubt Hermes, LV and Chanel are flattered to see their product in Bag Alley or sold out of the backs of vans....
  2. Holy cow!!!! Bragging about the $10 knock-off watch!! Not cool.

    I want to send him an email. Is this in an online version of the pub and if not, which issue is it?

    Thanks so much!!!
  3. Ugh. People like this really make me mad. I thought that was a classy magazine. Just goes to show you that some "editors" need a second tier of editing to control what they write.
  4. :shocked:
  5. I hope they're geting an earful from their advertisers right now.
  6. Yea, I agree with pepper.
    Maybe the 'someone who represents the company' could tell :yucky: but did not want to offend 'the big cheese'.
  7. For those that want to read the entire thing, it is the Editor's Letter in this month's issue w/Angelina Jolie on the cover, and it is on-line at

    Honestly, I was really into what he was saying until that came up. Then it was:throwup:
  8. Awful!!
  9. Anyone condoning fakes needs to not only think about the financial cost but the human cost of producing these items.
    I can not understand why anyone would revel in the fact that they have bought any item which is a low cost fake.
  10. I agree with Kallie Girl 100% on this and I'm going to send a letter myself. I subscribe to this magazine and my suspicion (without having read the piece) is that Carter didn't think this all the way through. Not that he couldn't have easily afforded an authentic watch...Maybe he thought it cute and amusing to have a low cost toy, but if he really thinks about the the human costs involved, I doubt he will find this all something to talk about, much less brag about. My letter is being composed as we speak!!
  11. I subscribe too, but I'd BUY next months just to read the letter section! That is, if any of our letters MAKE it that far.....

  12. No kidding! I'm hoping he will at least mention that he got bombarded with letters on that. How counterfeit goods equates to globalization is beyond me!
  13. Great! I just now sent mine. After I hit "submit" though there was no confirmation whatsoever. Let me know if you get a confirmation and I'll re-send mine. Usually I get at least a "Thank you"!!

    Everyone. ... please send something... this is just awful!!!

    Here is the link again::P
  14. ^^Thanks KG, I plan to send them a letter, too.