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Wtf Ups?


Flaunt your Fringe
Dec 7, 2005
I bought a pillow sham that matches my new bedding I bought recently. Macy*s only had 1 sham so I found a new one on Ebay (for a 3rd of the price I paid :suspiciou ). Anyways, I just recieved an email from UPS, saying they left the package on my front porch at 1:32. My husband has been home all day with the baby and he just now left for his mothers at 3:30. Why was th package left on my porch? Atleast it's not raining......


Feb 21, 2006
They do that all the time to me. They knock once (sometimes) and then toss the package either between the doors or the other side of the step. If I'm home my car is always in the driveway too.
But they always come around the same time so that helps.


Designated Shopaholic
Jan 2, 2006
Eesh!! I've ALWAYS had problems with UPS!

One time they delivered me a POS beat-up box with the ring stolen out of the ringbox, another time they left $750 worth of jeans on the doorstep, and then they would deliver stuff to the office without even attempting to see if anyone was home at the apt. (#@*#

I HATE UPS! Hopefully nothing is damaged in your case


Sofa King Addicted
Mar 1, 2006
omg i hate ups. i ordered an ijoy massage chair in october. i kept tracking it so that i was sure i'd be home to let them in coz there's no way in hell i'd be able to pick it up if i missed the package. first time they came, they left a note saying that no one was home. 2nd time same thing happened even though i left a note for them at the door saying i was home and please ring the doorbell. after that i complained to the manager...turns out that the guy said it was too heavy to bring upstairs and he needed someone else to help him. wtf?! so he goes and leaves a note saying that a delivery attempt was made instead of knocking on the door to see if there was anyone to help. i hate ups.


Flaunt your Fringe
Dec 7, 2005
heavensent said:
Hate that ........Did ur husband get the package
No, I called him to ask him if UPS came to the door. He said no, he never heard the doorbell. I'll get it when I get home tonight. Atleast it's only a pillow sham and not my new wallet on the way.


Ladybug Lucy
Feb 13, 2006
Happens to me all the time. I will be waiting for something and when I leave the house....there it is by my door. Probably been there all day. It's irritating. I ordered personalized M+Ms for my husband for Valentine's and there they were on the front porch. In a bright M+Ms box. Luckily they weren't stolen or damaged.


Jan 22, 2006
So yesterday, I happened t let my dogs out in the backyard and was waiting for them to do their thing when the nature calls them. I hear the UPS truck pull up, and since I could kind of see our neighbors yard over the fence, I pretended I was minding my own business w/my dogs. I just see the UPS man walk over to their side door w/the package, and w/out even attempting to knock or ring the doorbell, he THROWS the package onto their door. He wasn't even close to the stairway that leads up the the door! And I remember thinking, 'What a rude butt and what if the box contained something fragile?' EEWW!


Jan 19, 2006
my UPS guy doesn't even knock.. he just leaves it on the porch... I guess cause we have an awning thing that keeps rain and everything away.. but still, if I ordered something expensive, I don't think I'd want it just left there.. though, the alternative of not having my package for another day sucks too
Feb 26, 2006
I used to live in the upper level of a duplex. To get to my apartment, you had to enter through the backdoor and go up the stairs. My neighbor could enter her apartment either through the front or back. However, she never so much as opened the front door. She always used the back. I bought my boyfriend a couple of CDs, and they were shipped via UPS. They didn't arrive, so we called them. They said the package was delivered. No one ever came to the door and nothing was left by the door. We asked our neighbor below us if UPS came to her door. They hadn't. My boyfriend went out front to see if the package got left on the front steps. No package there either. We called UPS back, and they contacted the delivery guy. He told them that he wedged the package behind the front screen door. My boyfriend went back downstairs, and opened the front screen door. Sure enough, the package feel out. The space between the screen door and the wooden door was really slim, so the package was really jammed in there. Naturally, the CD cases were destroyed. Thankfully, the CDs themselves survived.