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  1. i just got this email in my spam:

    Dear client , [​IMG]

    i haven't sent money for a cell. the mail looks different, and the emailadress isnt the same as the ones that sends the usual ones. when i look into my paypalaccount, no money has been sent. and the 'click here to dispute transaction', come on. this is a scam, right? im a bit worried...

    anyway. i just googled it and looks like im not the only one who's recieved this. (click to make it bigger)
  2. Don't click on the DISPUTE button! Forward this to PP's spoof. Then contact PP and inquire about this email. I'm almost 100% positive, it's a scam to phish for your PP info.
  3. i know, i havent clicked on anything. everythings fake according to paypals spoofcontrol though, and i googled paypal, scam and deal_source, looks like im not the only one who's gotten this. i just got a little stressed, never recieved one before.
  4. Forward it immediately to then delete it from your email. DO NOT click on any links, etc...
  5. GREAT advice! Don't even be tempted to click on a link.
  6. These scams are getting more and more popular. The best way to tell if it's a spoof is if the email doesn't address you by your "real" name, like Jane Smith. If it has your eBay ID, or says eBay Member, Paypal Member, or janesmith, it's a fake.

    We'll be seeing more of these fakes as we get closer to the holiday season, so everyone should be super careful!
  7. i've already deleted it, didn't forward it on.. unfortunately. oh well.. hopefully some other will. i just freaked out a little, im a bit paranoid.
  8. Thanks for posting. These scams are always getting harder to detect.
  9. Don't worry too much. I'm sure someone else will forward it on, or probably already has. Every time I send one, it seems like they've already seen it (though, really, it's not like they'd tell me if they hadn't, I suppose. What are they going to say: "Thanks for reporting this. We hadn't seen this one yet?" ;)
  10. hahah. nah. and as their customerservice suck anyway, im always afraid of getting banned for no reason.
  11. I hate the fake PayPal emails too! Just got one this morning saying my account had been suspended because someone tried 3 times to change my password. The whole email was littered with spelling errors and misused words. I reported it to PayPal but it's still so annoying!
  12. i hate people:roflmfao:
  13. Sometimes I click on the link and it brings you to the sign on screen.
    So I make up a name and under password I type
    Then it takes me to a fake paypal site like the username and password was correct.
  14. ^:wtf::roflmfao:
  15. Sometimes I just can't help it.