WTF? LV heat stamps ONLY luggage tags in CANADA?

  1. I went to LV today and asked to have my new small-ring agenda stamped and the AM told me that they only stamp luggage tags :wtf:

    When I asked her about the other people that have had their agendas stamped, she said that the service is not provided in Canada :wtf:

    I am NOT impressed... :cursing:
  2. Ughh that's silly!! :cursing:
  3. that sucks! Can you call other stores to see if it is true.
  4. thats werid, why would they not offer? i have my dog carriers tag heat stamped
  5. Could they send it to a store near the border. After all, most major canadian cities are near major us cities. As a canadian and an LV lover i'm OFFENDED!
  6. That's not true in Vancouver B.C Canada. I got my luggage tag heat stamped and one of my girl friend got her wallet heat stamped, and another girl friend of mine had her agenda heat stamped.
    Which LV were you at?
  7. Good to know! :nuts:
  8. Hey I didn't know this. I called up LV in Vancouver to get my initials on my Speedy :shame: but they said only the bigger stores can do this.

    But good to know about Wallet!!! and Agendas can be heat stamped!!!

  9. Where do they stamp it?
  10. Arnott - I'm not sure. Thats all they told me. Is the bigger LV stores do that. :shame: I now don't think I'll be near a bigger LV store, but i seen someone's Speedy on here heat stamped, and it looked cool. i called last October - and I didn't ask where specificially. sorry. :smile:
  11. I saw that too. It was in a white MC speedy. When I saw that, I wanted my carryall heatstamped on the side pocket. But they told me that they can only do it on the tag.:shrugs:. My SA told me that it's because of the machine they had.
  12. I would consider calling Louis Vuitton directly and get locations. I'm sorry if you weren't impressed with Louis Vuitton but I'm confused on how we're supposed to help. Thank you for the information though!
  13. Oh, they do? Which store was it that did the stamping? I went to the Holt Renfrew and Hotel Fairmont and both of them insisted that they only do luggage tags. I was soo dissapointed because I purposely went there it a friend to get his bag stamped. So, it'll be fabulous if they changed the rules.
  14. I meant which part of the Speedy is stamped! :p
  15. oh wow, LV Can only does luggage tags? then i better get whatever i need to be heatstamped in Singapore LV.