WTF Lindsay!

  1. WTF is wrong with her, why does she feel the need to act like an idiot. Her mom is an ass who defends Lindsay saying she's a good kid in reality Dina is just like Lindsay.:censor::rant::censor:
    LLLLLL8888.jpg LLLLLLLL1111.jpg LLL55555.jpg LLL888888.jpg
  2. i swear her mom like had those pictues taken and like sent them in to get money from them.. her mom seems like the biggest mooch i almost (ALMOST) feel bad for lindsay because it seems like shes funding her whole family.
  3. ^^ i totally agree. Her mom is living it up on Lindsay's tab.
  4. Oh my god, that's so trashy. Although, now I understand why Lindsay sometimes act as tasteless as she does - her mom obviously never taught her any better!
  5. Any info about LL is a waste of time, breath and keyboard typing!! I know, I don't have any opinion about this girl, LOL.
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. Trash!
  8. ummm ok...
  9. she's like her pimp mom..
  10. trashayy!
  11. ugh, they both look like trash.
  12. She is sooooo trashy and over rated.
  13. is that a bottle of jack daniels in one of those pictures? bc they both look like they've been drinking..geesh does she ever wear clothes?! lol
  14. you know. . . I don't like LiLo AT ALL. . . but we can't really slam her for these pics IMO.

    These weren't snapped by the paparazz. . these were taken in private, we've all acted like dumba$$es in private.

    She does look drunk or strung out, but at least she's in private. . . or so she thought.
    I feel sad for her . . . her Mom's big pimpin' :sad:
  15. yep... yep it is. I think LiLo is so cracked out on coke, she doesnt give a hoot if photos like this are taken... :rolleyes:
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