WTF is up with 0 feedback bidders on my auctions? HELP!

  1. Okay so this is driving me NUTS.

    I made it VERY clear in my auctions that if you have less than 5 positive feedback to contact me or I will cancel your bids. And STILL I have IDIOTS bidding on my stuff with no feedback, and then I send them messages over and over and they refuse to answer them! I've had to cancel bids on 2 or 3 of my items because of this already!

    What is the deal?! Have any of you had this problem? Am I wrong for canceling the bids?
  2. All I ever seem to get is between five and zero feedback "best offers" lately. Thankfully they are silly, stupid offers so I don't have to deal with them.

    No, you're not wrong for canceling the bids if it's an expensive item. I probably wouldn't care if it were something under $50 though.
  3. Well, I admit that eBay ain't what it used to be, but to be honest, I have never thought it made any difference whether or not a 0 FB bidder emailed me before bidding. It didn't seem to have any correlation whatsoever to whether they paid--and that is, after all, basically their only obligation.
  4. no....cancelling the bids is what I do......if they don't email me first
  5. I think you're right for cancelling bids. I used to sell on eBay years ago until my account got hacked into. I would always cancel bids from bidders with zero feedback if they didn't contact me first. The funny thing is, now I'm looking for a bag on eBay and have had to re-register and start from scratch with zero feedback. It sucks because most buyers don't want to give me a chance. I always e-mail first and explain my situation and let them know I'm serious, but I know it's hard for them to take my word. If you think about it, we all started with zero and a lot of us are honest sellers/buyers....
  6. I don't mind 0 feedback, everyone starts somewhere, and haven't had a ton of problems, although I just had a bag end last night w/ a 0 feedback- they haven't paid me yet, but maybe thats because they are setting up paypal.
  7. Ok..well...I have the stipulation that under 10 positive fb need to email me before they bid but they rarely ever do. I've never cancelled a bid because of it, I mostly find that I have more problems with those who have higher fb ratings!
  8. Until recenltly I hadn't had any problems from buyers with low fb. I just had a 0 fb NPB so I understand your frustration.

    Like the poster above, my most troublesome buyers have had a lot of fb and high positive fb so it doesn't mean everything.
  9. I agree that we all had to start somehwhere, but lately I have been requiring a PayPal account in order to bid. I think this has helped limit the NPB phenomenon.
  10. I had so many 0 bidders bid and not pay on some fairly expensive items of mine in the last few months (I also had on there to contact me if they had zero feedback to confirm bid or I will cancel the bid) I had some contact me and then still not pay or make contact after. I have now put a stop to all zero bidders from bidding at all and will cancel any bids from them. Its harsh but Im sick of waiting to get my fees back and loosing fees on relisting. Its ridiculous.
  11. The only buyers I have had trouble with not paying or leaving absurd feedback have been low feedback bidders. They don't tend to read the whole listing then they complain about something clearly noted in the listing. I ask less than 10 FB to email me first and the ones who do also seem to pay (in my experience). I don't cancel the zero feedback bids but I pester them if they don't pay quickly (within 3 days is in my auction info...). I really don't understand people who don't read listings and do what you say. If I list something with a buy it now I always make them pay immed. to end the auction--that cuts down on non payers as well...
  12. I also have this problem. Many don't care that I ask buyers to contact me first if they have low feedback....and some do contact me but most don't care at all and will bid or try to purchase....also more people w/low fb are also asking for me to accept offers outside of the ebay format, which I don't do.

    I just started a thread about my 0 feedback buyer "ghost buyer' thread--but what if your buyer w/ 0 fb does a BIN? WOuld you still sell to the person? My buyer did a BIN and paid immediately...but I was still worried and still am a bit because I have had no correspondence from this person during the entire process. Not even a single personal comment or anything. And now no feedback or a single reply. I have nothing to gauge this person on and that worries me.
  13. That fact has caused me to not put buy it now on my listings :S Occasionally if I have an item I want a specific price for I will start the auction and mention in big letters that the start price is the buy it now price so if they would like to purchase the item, place a bid then email me and I will end the auction selling to the current bidder. I do this to keep nigerian bidders away too because I upgrade my phones, cameras etc alot so Im always selling really decent electronics on there and get alot of those nigerian scam things. So I screen the BINs that way.
  14. ^Jaime--that's great advice! Nice to know...never thought of that as a way to ward off BINs from unwanted buyers.
  15. In the seller preferences section you can set up your auction listings to block bidders with 0 or high negative feedback.