wtf is this?

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  1. Is this real or what?

    It's kinda cute... but I've never seen it. :shrugs:
  2. It's definitely not real!! The print isn't the same... One example, take a look at the red devil at the bottom of the tree. He's supposed to be holding a blue ping-pong paddle!!
  3. haha yeah I just saw that one too! its not legit IMO since it says it's made by japan tourist?
  4. Weird, they're even faking clothes now?

    "Has a very cool toki doki anime print."

    No, no...that's not very cool at all!
  5. The colors are a little off too, but it would have been cute if it was real, clothes in bags' prints. :sweatdrop:

    That would be a total overload.
  6. i dont know, but it's butt ugly. lol.
  7. sad..
  8. its totally fake!! No tokidoki drawstrings or zipper pulls. so its a counterfit bag/hoodie? OMG what are they gonna counterfit next? Jewlery?
  9. Lol. Atleast they didn't copy one of the real hoodies, just made up a new one so we can tell it might be a fake.
    I thought maybe it's another 'eurpean version' thingy, like those weird pink bags.
    The idea is kinda cute, no? :shame: I mean if it was a legit tokidoki hoodie, made properly, I'd like it.