WTF ! is this serious or does she want real LV boxes for selling fakes ?

  1. Yeah right and I have sucker written on my forehead!?!?! :lecture: :blah:
  2. That is horrble.
  3. :Push: fake bags, fake boxes, fake receipts
    It really is a shame.

    They should put a fake LV in MadameTussuaids Wax Museum !:upsidedown:
    he he he he !
  4. Sounds like she wants to run an insurance scam.
  5. I thought that she was after lots of boxes maybe to put with fakes or to sell the boxes on ebay cause u can get $$$ for boxes...well lots
  6. I saw another listing by that person wanting the original copies of LV reciepts.
    Shame on you!!!
  7. CAn someone report the post??? seems very fishy to me.
  8. yea ok!!!
  9. I'd definitely report it if possible. That's something that ebay doesn't allow..
  10. I think its when I saw it I thought, why would you tell people about someone pointing a knife at you ?
  11. hmmm i don't get it tho....if she wants something from US, then....why do WE need to BID and PAY HER $$$??!??!? Shouldn't she pay US?!?!?!
  12. God this makes me sick... and angry. :cursing::cursing::cursing: Ebay needs to take that down ASAP before someone falls for it.
  13. odd
  14. Wtf!!!!!?????? This is weird, and it is fishy!