WTF is this! I want it NOW!!!!!!

  1. I love that Bordeaux!
  2. That's really pretty! I wonder what I'd put in that zippered bottom compartment. Hmmmm. . .
  3. i really do like this bag! im usually not too crazy about mbymj, but this bag is cute :smile:
  4. I saw this collection in person and it is awesome
  5. i really like it too...but, i once bought a bag shaped sort of like this...and once you took the stuffing out of the bottom it sunk down and didn't look good at all...i was so sad.

    didn't want to bust the bubble but it's s/t to think about...

    maybe good old' marc thought about this tho, and made it stiff at the bottom :idea:
  6. Love that bag!!! I think I need it. I saw a Jimmy Choo that looked a lot like this....
  7. I saw this a the store today, it's gorgeous, but i just bought a teri, so ....
  8. That's hot!! I really like how rich the colour looks.
  9. i saw that today too!! i really like it!
  10. hot bag!
  11. The bordeaux color is so beautiful!
  12. The lining is HOT! love the zebra print.
  13. ^ITA!!!! Great bag!!!:tup:
  14. i saw this in bloomies last night and it is GORGEOUS.