Wtf?! Is my Edith Bowler Nutmeg or Muscade?!

  1. I ordered the Edith Bowler in Nutmeg a few weeks back when it went on sale for $664. But when I got the package and opened it up (GORGEOUS) the tag says it's 'Muscade', but the packing slip says 'Nutmeg'....WTF?!!

    I called Neiman's and told them what had happened and they gave me a credit because they said the Muscade was on sale for $465, so I'm definitely keeping it, but what color is it really??!!

    Help, I'm confused.....again. :confused1:
    chloeedith.jpg 001.jpg chloeedith.jpg 002.jpg
  2. I thought muscade and nutmeg were two different names for the same color. Please correct me if I am wrong though....Chloe names can get confusing...because a single color can have more than one name for it that retailers use.... But what a lovely bag at a FAB deal!!!
  3. I thought the same as mintpearl. They are the same colour as far as I know.
  4. Muscade is French for nutmeg. I looked it up in a dictionary.
  5. I have a Muscade paddy. It's listed as "Nutmeg" on NAP, so yes, they are one and the same colour. :yes:
  6. Thank you ladies! For a minute there, I thought I was going nuts!!! I wonder why Neiman's has them listed as two different item #'s and totally different prices??? I'm just glad I saw that price difference and got the extra $200 off!! :okay:
  7. Congrats!The ladies are correct Nutmeg & Muscade are one in the same.Enjoy your beautiful bag :tup: .
  8. An interesting piece of trivia: muscarine is the toxic chemical in nutmeg that can cause psychosis. So be careful and don't eat too much (you'd have to eat around 30g or so to get sick).