wtf...i think i got paint on my damier speedy

  1. so i'm in sprint trying to get a new phone and my bag is on the counter and i look and there's paint on my bag (well, that's what i'm assuming that it is). is there anything that i can put on it to get it off? i'm so sad:crybaby:
  2. Was Sprint having new paint job over there? Is that how you got the paint on your bag?
  3. Damp cloth! Hopefully it's water based paint!!!
  4. no, they weren't painting. i think i did it yesterday when i was taking my laundry to the car. my hands were full and there was a good possibility that i dumped into one of my walls.
  5. now, why didn't i think of that? in the store i licked my finger and was hoping i could get it off. maybe that's why i didn't try the damp cloth. i was thinking that spit (sorry) was just as good as water in cases like these...apparently not.

    but good news...its almost off. it was on the side and the piping came off easily, but it also got on the canvas of the bag and its in the cracks so its taking a little longer.
  6. Can you post a picture of it?..Is it like a skid mark?. That happend to me, I got a HUGE skid mark on the side of my speedy while shopping in Bloomingdales!:hysteric: . I just went downstairs to the Louis Vuitton counter,and the SA told me to use a bit of rubbing alcohol to get it out.
  7. Rubbing alcohol? Will it leave any stain on the bag?

    Anyway, I'm so sorry to hear that. I know it must be really sad and sorry I don't have any great advise to offer... *hugs*
  8. LaDonna, I hope you get it off! I would die if paint got on my bags! You should bring it to LV to fix!
  9. OMG!!! I would die!!! I am soooo anal about my bags! Good luck, I hope you get it all off.
  10. I dont belive so. Thats what the SA told me,so it works.If you use rubbing alcohol use it sparingly also,dont pour the whole bottle on your bag:lol:
  11. there's no skid mark. i was able to get most of it off. i might you can't really tell unless the bag is right in front of your face. there's a little bit left in the cracks. i plan on using a toothpick and hopefully the rest will come off. i'm scared to use rubbing alcohol! i took a pic so you could see, but you can't see it b/c its so little. i'm just glad the big paint spot came off.
  12. thanks girls for all of your concerns. i think little dami is going to be just fine :smile:
  13. I know nail polish remover can get rid of pen marks... not sure if it'll help removing the paint though. Good luck!
  14. okay I hope it gets better =D. Try the Rubbing alcohol though,I had a HUGE white mark on my mono speedy.The SA from LV to use it,she obviously knows her stuff,so try it =D