WTF- I lost another glove (sorry for the rant)

  1. Hi everyone-

    I live where it is cold and gloves are a necessity, not a fashion statement. However, my favorite gloves are Coach cashmere lined.

    My BF bought me my first pair for Christmas in 2006 in Black and shortly after I bought myself a new pair in brown from an outlet.

    Well, first I lost the right Brown glove that I bought from the outlet sometime last year. Then I lost the pair my BF bought me right before Christmas this year :cursing:. I went to the outlet a few weeks ago and bought three pairs (one black and two brown) and yesterday, my first day wearing the new black ones, I lost one.:cursing:

    Does anyone else lose this many accessories? I know someone today stated they left a pair of sunglasses in a dressing room, but does this happen to anyone else?
  2. Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that, I feel your pain. My worst things are two(!) pair of prescription Ray Ban sunglasses. One I left on a table on a cruise ship, went back 5 minutes later to retrieve them and they were gone. They were never turned in, although a brand new, identical pair of non-prescription ones were. Now, why would someone want my old, scratched up lenses? The other pair? I have absolutely no freaking idea where they went. I no longer buy prescription glasses.
  3. I'm sorry this happened to you. I don't how it happened but i lost my favorite sweater and it had a matching scarf. :sad:
  4. I lose gloves so frequently I can't allow myself to buy coach ones... sigh. They're so nice, though! But I def know how you feel- the worst part is when you lose one but are about to go home so you have to go all the way home with no gloves.
  5. I'm so sorry that you keep losing your gloves! I don't wear gloves, but I find that if I pay lots of money for sunglasses, I lose them very quickly. So you're definitely not alone in the losing accessories area...
  6. All I can say is I am SO sorry. I'm the one who left my sunnies in the dressing room. I have NEVER done anything like that before. I am usually so careful with my accessories; gloves go in purse, sunnies in case, ..... Every now and again we have a blunder.

    I know what you're feeling and it's crappy. Were you somewhere that it might be turned in?
  7. I would say to put them both together in a ball ( hard to explain... LOL) and put them in your pocket or you don't loose any!! :smile:
  8. Same here! My DH always threatens to put "dummy" strings in my coats because I lose gloves so often. Last winter I went through THREE pairs of wool/cashmere Coach gloves from the outlet and I vowed to never buy nice gloves again. I bought a pair of cheapie leather gloves from Nordstrom Rack a month ago and dropped them in the mall within 15 minutes of buying them. :shame: Thankfully, I nice woman saw it happen and she chased after me with them. Too bad nobody did that with the Coach gloves...
  9. aww that sucks.. so sorry to hear that..
    Maybe you should build up a habit of putting the gloves right back in your purse after you take them off your hands:girlsigh: