1. :wtf: :shocked:
  2. wow this is sooo strange ... i wonder if people actually buy it . hmmm
  3. O....M...G... at first I looked quickly and I thought "is that what I think it is?"..then I went to the description and yup, my suspicions were confirmed. How gross!!!!!!!!!:throwup:
  4. EEEWWWW!:push:
  5. shocked.. and a bit disgusted
  6. i'm curious as to how you came across this site...? lol.

    but, uhm. yeah. they start at $175? and how do you decide THAT is what you want to make a purse of?! and they make a hat, too. :wtf:

    i wonder if it's a vagina monologues type dealy- you know, loving your body and accepting it...
  7. Yikes! :throwup:
  8. I dont know whether to laugh or be embarassed. Thats really weird! Why would that be appealing to carry around? And the subliminal pictures and finding the "perfect fit"? Too funky for me!
  9. Oh come on now, you guys. We're women. We should be proud of our bodies and embrace our carry them on our arms and wear them on our heads! Go Woman Power!!


    (Okay, I'm not sure how I got all that out with a straight face).
  10. that will not be making it to my list.....
  11. I googled vagina purses...NOT. A friend of mine saw the link on another forum and e-mailed me with it in case I was interested. She was kidding of course. Clip on a couple of balenciaga boobies and you're ready to go. :wacko:
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. maybe it's just because im drunk, but this is getting funnier every time i get the email notifications...

  14. :lol::roflmfao::weird::sad::crybaby: