WTF?!! Ebay removed my listing b/c of "trademark violation"!

  1. I had listed a pair of Chloe shoes, gently worn, and I just got an alert stating that my listing has been taken down b/c of trademark violation!:cursing: :cursing: :cursing: My shoes are totally authentic. I paid almost $700 for them at Saks!:cursing:

    I don't get how so many sellers who list fake LVs and Birkins get their items sold and rip off the poor buyers, but someone who only buys genuine, like me, gets her items removed!:cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  2. Welcome to eBay! Someone reported them as fake and eBays idiots know no better so they canceled your auction. Its happened to all of us.
  3. Or maybe there are only a very few sellers offering Chloe shoes, and they don't wont any competition.

    A large number of sellers on eBay are just glorified flea marketers who live like Sanford & Son. If they don't sell enough junk, they can't put gas in their car. So it's life or death for people like that. What else can you expect? But I digress...

    You can contact eBay via email and tell them that your listing was unjustly removed and tell them about the authenticity of your shoes.

    The first time I ever sold anything on ebay, I was shut down for the same thing. I sold a small Chanel bag that my old boss gave me for Christmas many years ago. I took tons of pictures including one of the hologram and authenticity card. I know it wasn't fake, because his wife took all of, (us - I was a teenager) his staff to the Chanel store for Christmas to pick out one bag each. I stated that in the auction as well. But someone couldn't stand the heat. The bag was 110% authentic.

    Good luck with your listing. Let us know how it goes.