WTF! E-Bay keeps suspending me!!!

  1. :push: I don't get it, maybe I am missing something. I have posted a Kate Spade backpack on eBay, and it has caused me to be suspended twice and now indefinately. WHY and HOW? The Kate Spade that I have is REAL. I have sold many other higher-end handbags and did not have any problems. Only with this bag. Any help out there? I am frustrated, I am honestly selling these bags. I sell authentic items only. I just sold a Judith Leiber for heavens sake, with NO issues.:confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  2. Once eBay removes your listing you have to have permission to relist, it should have said that in the first notice of removal. If you relist it without permission they will suspend you...
  3. I went through some process in order to become active again. Then when I went to re-list this item, I was able to do so without any problems. Is there another way I should have received permission from Ebay? It is easy to list things, it seems like there is no filter, until after the listing has been posted then you get a generic e-mail saying your item is not acceptable and get suspended. It seems like the listings shoud be audited BEFORE being posted if they are going to make it a big process to get re-instated.
  4. I feel your pain. Just was suspended for an authentic Coach item. Was suspended for 8 days. Why did they say you were suspended? Did they mention VeRO. I was told the wording in my auction made it suspicious (or something to that effect). I got it authenticated by and eBay wouldn't accept it. I think in order to relist, if I change the wording, I'll be fine.

    I had a couple of other items removed and was told the wording issue then too. I reworded, relisted, and was fine. You need to reread your initial removal email to see what the issue is/was.
  5. Yes, VeRo had something to do with it. I tried changing the listing 3 times, all three times I got in trouble. So finally, they closed my account for a MINIMUM of a year!
    I don't know about re-listing the Coach bag, since it seems that once they flag you they keep watching to make sure you are not trying to break Ebay law.
    I was doing pretty good with selling my bags, until the Kate Spade deal.
    Hope you do better than me.
  6. That's ridiculous especially if you followed the rules to relist. I would try to contact live help and find out what the problem was.
  7. Ok, it sounds like maybe you didn't follow the re-listing rules. I think if it's VeRO that wants your auction removed, you have to get that VeRO rep to approve your item being relisted. The VeRO rep works for the company, in your case Kate Spade. If Kate Spade tells eBay your item is a fake, eBay is gonna remove it and not allow you to relist the item unless Kate Spade tells eBay they made a mistake and you can relist. I hope that makes sense.

    I would encourage you to respond to T&S and let them know you didn't realize/understand you needed to contact the Kate Spade VeRO rep to be able to relist, that you are contacting them now, and if the Kate Spade VeRO rep ok's your auction, will they consider lifting your suspension.

    I don't know all the VeRO contact names/emails, but I'm guessing someone here or on the Kate Spade forum will be able to tell you how to contact Kate Spade VeRO to find out what you need to do to get your item authenticated.

    Hope this helps.
  8. Thanks for your good advice Robin. I just feel so defeated, and like I am always getting the run around at eBay.
  9. Ebay is a nightmare at the minute, call & demand an explanation!
  10. I sooooo understand this. I felt this way VERY recently. They send generic emails and hardly ever address your questions. It's unfortunate that they don't have a phone number for those of us who aren't powersellers. If you can get the powerseller phone number, they may do a one time courtesy phone call and help you. I'm not sure that they will, they gave me a courtesy one time call and noted it on my account. But, they might. I asked every single question I could think of. The guy was very nice and helpful. Good luck with all of this - I know it's frustrating and easy to feel overwhelmed.
  11. A minimum of a year? That sounds crazily disproportionate to me - I can't believe it - so sorry. I would persist until I could speak to someone who would comment on the specifics of your case. Maybe also review the instructions/rules you were given for relisting and see where things might have gone wrong? If you have made a mistake, an honest apology and statement that you understand you have made a genuine error etc etc could help. I wonder though how on earth Ebay would respond to the question of proportionality in their 'punishment' . . .madness.:shocked:
  12. My year is up in July.....they suspended my account on an AUTHENTIC Coach. No matter what I did they did not care and refused to reinstate me.
  13. have you mailed staff and asked more about this issue ?
  14. They just accused me of listing a fake, which has so upset me its authentic chanel, thats all i sell and have feedback to prove it, i posted all the pictures required to recognize authentic chanel including the hologram

    and a copy of the repair receipt from chanel, how crazy is it , they are so scared right now re being sued to crazy by chanel/dior/vuitton, I would not be surprised if they stop listing designer handbags soon
    I will never let them have that power and control over me, so I have a contact in a consignment designer boutique in London and thats where I am taking my bags now
    I really understand how you are feeling, it hurts! its an insult to honest people, and we have no control they have it ALL, and they are clandestine and cowardly hiding behind computer screens so I am going to visit there head office with the bag, and the reciept and demand to see a human being

    I so wish this forum would maybe open up an authentic trading place, what better place than this for people to buy authentic, with all the experts here,
  15. :cursing: I gave up on emailing anymore. Ebay usually only sends me some form letter. Not very personal. And so, while I wait for a year, I'll stay logged into this forum. And I too wished that Purseblog would have some kind of auction type deal that we could use, without having to meet silly requirements such as a minimum number of responses posted. :confused1: Oh well, soon the resonses will pile up and maybe I, too, can be an Elite member of Purseblog......:rolleyes: