WTF? confused and not sure what to do....

  1. So I joined Weight Watchers a few months ago and have managed to lost about 5 pounds (I know, I lose weight VERY slowly). Anyway, I haven't been able to go to meetings for the past 2 weeks since I've moved to Scotland (for school). I weighed myself today and it said: I gained 6 pounds!!!!! Is that even possible? In 2 weeks? I've been eating *a little* worse, but I don't think 6 pounds worth! I'm so depressed right now and I don't know what to do! I feel like all the hard work I'd put in was for nothing. And I honestly think now that I'll never get the weight off (I'm trying to lose about 35 pounds). I don't understand how some people can lose 2 or more pounds a week when I gain 3 pounds a week! Please somebody help me, I'm desperate and I don't know what to do! I feel like crying! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. First of all, don't panic. One pound equals 3,500 calories. To gain six pounds in two weeks, you would have to have eaten 21,000 extra calories on top of what you eat daily. Unless you're bingeing or bringing in a Mack truck full of food at dinnertime, I doubt you have gained that much weight in two weeks.

    Many times, if your eating goes off track, water weight due to excess sodium has a lot to do with the scale unexpectedly rising. Also, it seems that you may be under some stress due to moving and starting school. Stress, lack of sleep and other factors can contribute to feeling bloated and retaining water weight.

    You may have gained a pound or two. If that is the case, brush it off and get back on track. Plan your meals for the next week. Hit the grocery store and buy healthy food. Drink a ton of water. Try to get some exercise in, if your schedule allows (walking, bicycling, etc.). You'll be feeling better in no time. This happens to me quite often after a weekend of eating and drinking. I get right back on track, and by the end of the week I feel like myself again.

  3. {HUGS} that does seem alot to gain quickly it could be food weight the move etc have bound to have been stressful on your body so you may be retaining things KWIM

    are you keeping a fod diary? if not it may be worth doing that also write down times you are eatting it may help you spot a pattern of behaviour easier you may actually be eatting worse than you think

    off topic:- how are things going are you settled in Scotland now?
  4. My weight tends to fluctuate within about a 5-7 pound range. Usually.. around my period.. I gain.. then at the end of it I lose..

    Also.. if I have been eating a lot of salt/junkie foods.. I tend to weigh more for about 2 days. I also know the more I stress and think about the weight I've gained.. I tend to get into a vicious circle where I'm obsessing about what I will and won't eat and calories and all.. and then I end up eating more because I'm thinking about food all day and I start craving everything!

    The only thing that has really worked for me is going to the gym. Once I get into a pattern of making myself go, that's always the hard part.. (I don't know about Scotland, but the spin classes at Lifetime Fitness are AMAZING and keep me soo motivated!)

    Sooo.. my whole point to that was I stress less about the food.. more about working out.. eventually, my body just kind of starts to crave water which keeps me fuller.. so I make better food choices.. and I sleep longer, so I'm not snacking at night..

    The weight will just start to fall off!
  5. Thanks guys. I really appreciate all your help and advice! I think I'm just going to get back on track, go to the gym, and see what happens....

    Label Addict, tomorrow will mark the end of my first week in Scotland! It's nice here, a bit cold, but no rain yet! The people are super nice though I do admit that sometimes I have trouble understanding what they say! But I do like it, and I'm going to try to do some weekend trips around the UK.
  6. I retain water weight easy and everytime I travel I gain weight- higher sodium content in water- differences in scales could all be culprits to cause your gain. Those dumb scales should be locked up and away from dieters. Go by how your clothes fit and how you feel and don't worry about numbers so much. Even the 5 pound loss can be deceptive- you may have lost 10 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle and water and the scale can't tell you that. Trust yourself and give yourself a hug for all your hard work.:tup:
  7. Could be plain old water weight. I wouldn't worry. I don't think it is good to keep stepping on the scale. I would weigh yourself once every week or two weeks. Too much pressure in watching a 2-3 lb. number. My one friend does this each day and if she gains one pound she literally will not eat and will only drink water. Not healthy.
  8. I've been on WW for a year now (down 23 pounds - from 140 to 117).

    The one thing that I can say for sure is that if you go off the program you WILL gain weight. You said yourself that you haven't really been following I'm not surprised you've gained weight.

    It's not too late to get back on track though!! If you follow the plan EXACTLY (not kind of) all your daily points each day (no more, no less) and use your weekly points as you see fit then you WILL lose weight.

    If the program is not working for you it's because you are not working it.

    Not trying to sound harsh or mean....but come on girl!! Get back on that horse and ride it all the way to goal!!! You can do it!!
  9. It definitely sounds like water weight, as you have just moved to another continent and your body is just adjusting! It's weird, when I travel, strange things happen to my body, like although I'll be taking my pill at the same time, I'll have weird side-effects and the time change messes with the metabolism too. Even air can make a difference - whenever I go to LA I get all stuffy and I used to gain weight after going there because I would binge on crap and hang out in air-conditioned buildings all day. Just give yourself some time to acclimatize and if it helps, establish a little routine like go for a walk in the mornings or something. I found that running or hitting the gym every other day when I'm away works for me.
  10. First, don't feel like you blew it - that's the worse thing. I had previously lost 5-7 lbs. and just a few times going off "diet" gained it like you. Just get right back on track and I bet in a few days at least 1/2 of those lbs. will be gone. (now if I could only take my own advice, lol)
  11. Great to hear your settling in I'm in the UK feel free to Pm me if you are looking for ideas (or opinions on where to visit)