WTF! Buyer leaves pos fb but says item is overpriced?

  1. No one forced her to buy it!

    It was a bag that wasn't in stores yet, and I had the starting bid at $50 less than retail with a bin for $50 over retail. She did the buy it now, not leaves me pos fb but first word is that it was over priced?

    HUH? I didn't hold a gun to her head and force her to BIN!

    Should I just not leave fb at all for her? What would you guys do?
  2. Everyone buying on eBay knows it is buyer's choice to bid or not. I don't think any serious buyers will care about this nonsense feedback.

    Regarding returning her a feedback, I'd just say "Thank you!" or somthing like that. No need to retliate since we don't have to be the same level as this buyer.
  3. Leave her (positive) feedback to the effect of: fickle buyer, otherwise smooth transaction...? She did hold up her end of the deal, right?
  4. Sounds good to me. I don't understand it when people post FB like this saying the price or shipping is too high. You know these prices up front. IMO don't bid if it's too much for you.
  5. Sounds like she bought the bag and afterwards, found out how much it retails for (?). I don't know. If she feels like she paid too much, she should be mad at herself, not you.

    I would leave her feedback (either a backhanded positive or a neutral). Not in retaliation but to warn other sellers about her.
  6. That's ridiculous! She knew how much it cost and she still bought it. If it was too expensive, why did she buy it? Makes no sense! If I thought something was too expensive, I move on and find it elsewhere for less.
  7. exactly! I think she's just pissed because the bag is now available in stores and she saw the price (although with tax she really only overpaid by maybe $20)

    stupid girl
  8. so many strange buyers lately! Maybe she got your item mixed up with someone elses? nah, youre right, no one forced her to buy it. I would block her from future purchases. She sounds like a future chargeback. :nuts:
  9. good idea, just did it

    any feedback I leave her is not going to be glowing, she only has 10 fb, so it hurts her a lot more than it does me
  10. Sounds like buyers remorse to me.

    She probably found out that she paid more than retail after bidding/paying and wanted to get her own back.

    Besides - the buyers decide the final price - so it was HER FAULT she paid more than she wanted.
  11. Ok well that's odd. Maybe she WAS mixed up?
  12. but sometimes this is true even when you know the price upfront - there was an item I bought for my son (granted, price was VERY cheap), but the shipping charges were $6 which I knew were high. I felt it was OK because I was getting the item so cheap - but then when they shipped the item, they used a letter size envelope w/two 32 cent stamps on it!!! I can see paying $6 s&h if care is taken when shipping - maybe an invoice printed out or a hand-written note, the item wrapped in tissue and/or plastic - but placing the item in an env w/two stamps? I left pos FB but questioned the s&h charges.
  13. I also came across some weird buyers lately :sad:.

    If I was in your situation, I'd probably wait a little while before leaving her fb... in case she does chargeback etc.
  14. some people are just jerks. i would give her a neg and block her.
  15. OK this I don't get.
    You admitted the price was very cheap, you knew what the shipping cost was. Did the item arrive in the condition that was in the auction? Did the auction ever say you get to pick how the item is shipped? So why complain on here?
    When I see items that I feel shipping is to high, I take into consideration what I would of paid for the item through other channels, condition, & the
    I am a buyer only. I have thought about clearing my closet but just don't want the hassle of dealing with ebayers after reading what I have on several websites.
    When I read about people complaining about the shipping charges on eBay, I feel they just don't get it.
    Its an auction, high bidder wins & gets all the terms & conditions seller sets up. This is how auctions work. Its very unfair of buyers who think they can change the rules once they hit the buy button.