Wtf!!!! Arg Ebay I Need Your Help !!!

  1. Okay I bought this bag on a buy it now option everything looked ok in my opinion. Well the seller just sent me a invoice and I noticed that she has the same bag listed again which puts put a big red flag in my eyes. What makes me more crazy is that she is selling the same bag for less and now I am scared that I will get a fake and not the same bag in the pic. What should I do???? I am really nervous now because what are the chances that she has 2 of the same bags without them being fake.:crybaby: Please help me on what I should do....I think I made a big mistake now. Check out the link and then the other items she has listed for sale maybe there is just a glitch in the system....

    eBay: *NEW* Chanel Ligne Cambon Handbag. RETAIL $995. Black (item 270022360991 end time Aug-25-06 10:33:32 PDT)

  2. well shes showing the authentic bag sooo I dont know what to say.
    Check the pictures ask for auth. number and make sure the bag you get is the right one...
  3. Well... they have been on sale for a while... maybe she snagged a couple and is selling them off???
  4. the black and patent black didnt go on sale, and if u check her other items the pic of the chanel bag that was going for 580.00 shows a fake cambon bag. so I would deff be weary of this entire situation. she might do the bait and switch because she didnt show the hologram card or sticker in the auction that you won.
  5. Well, there's no longer another cambon tote listed in her auctions. :shrugs:

    Their feedback is also pretty solid. As long as you pay by Paypal, you'll be protected if they try to send you a fake.
  6. Unfortunately , I don't think that is as easy as it sounds . I heard you have to get Chanels lawyer to declare that the item is a fake before PP will refund your money .

    There are several things about this listing that I noticed were wrong . First , she said it's lambskin . It's calfskin . Then she said it's not even in stores yet . Then she says it's discontinued . It's not either of those things . I just don't know how you could own two of the same bag and know absolutely nothing about them !

    I have seen fake cambons that looked really good in the pic . They had matching hologram and everything . I would not have known they were fake if they were not being sold as such ( not on ebay ) . In person , I'm guessing it's a different story .

    Did you ask the seller for additional pics of bag so you know they are really her pictures ? She could've stolen someones pics ?

    It does definitely look real to me though .