***WTF am I sposed to do?***

  1. Ok guys my parents went out for the weekend and of course I invited some people over lol. And than I wake up this morning to notice my moms Lynx on the dinning room table with a hole in it!!!!!!!!!:cursing::wtf:. At first I was like omg and I was really pissed than I realized I couldn't just blame people it was my fault in the first place. SO none the less my mom gets home soon and its a pretty bad rip in her coat. So I hid it in my car for the time being but she bound to find it!! what would you do and where can I get this fixed??!!!! Mind you this is a $14,000 coat and its only 3 yrs old.

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  2. OH *hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take it to a fur repair for SURE....QUICK!!! Tell them its an emergency! Good heavens...if I was your mom I would faint in anger...I hope she isnt too tough on you!! Let us know and GOOD LUCK!
  3. oooh, will she miss it immediately?

    if not, keep it in your car and google a specialist repairer in your local area that can get this coat fixed for you. A If it is the lining, a leather specialist will be able to help if its the fur, they can still recommend somebody to you :smile:

    Good luck, its gonna cost you a fair bit to get this coat fixed, but if you are brave and want to fess up, perhaps it will be covered under home insurance?
  4. my mom got it at our local store www.garmany.com and shes good friends with the owner so he would most likely tell her wuts going on. than she might get more pissed!! lol so im soo fuc*ed
  5. She will eventually find out anyways. You may as well take it to the people that know the garment and get it fixed correctly. I would rather see it after it was fixed, pissed is not enough to describe my reaction if I saw it with a hole.
  6. If it were me I would put it back in the closet and act like nothing happened. LIE LIE LIE when/if she notices. I don't know what happened Mom!?! HONEST. I was sooo bad in my teens! LOL
  7. Oh and for the record: I wouldn't EVER do that NOW (of course my friends would never hurt my things now) but in my teens I WOULD have! I take accountability for my actions now! LOL

  8. Second that! I would just lie, lie, lie! I didn't do it! lol! I know I was bad too!
  9. I don't they meant to do it cuz they prob had a lil help from our other friend jose cuervo
  10. I'm with you Syntagma....that is exactly what I would have done in my teens!! And like you...it wouldn't handle it that way now....

    Also...how do you know that it wasn't already like that????
  11. cuz she's been wearing it alot and I never noticed a large hole in the back of the coat. It was in the downstairs closet cuz she used it this season.
  12. Aahhh....maybe she's worn it so...much this season..she wore a hole right into it!!!! Really...I suggest you just fess up...but don't say anything about the party...just find some plausible reason that you had her coat out, and that it might have ripped.
  13. :wtf:

    and i was worried about our door buzzer falling off the wall and a few broken glasses at my last illicit party :wtf: oh dear... of course the right thing to do is get it fixed.. she'll know you're lying if you try!

  14. aaah you can say you wore it to your school's cross dressing competition :graucho: then she might be more concerned about that than any party!
  15. Get it fixed asap!! She'll be mad... but not as she would be if she saw the HOLE!!