WTD? Shipped an insured sign. required item to buyer in June and just received it r/o

  1. back today. The PO tried to deliver 3 times and left notes for the buyer to collect it and they never did. It was just sent back to me? How to proceed.

    Isnt' it strange that the buyer never emailed me for info? It's a $200 item that was paid for on 6/12 and shippedon 6/13? Weird huh
  2. Did you contact the buyer? maybe something happened?
  3. Just sent the buyer 2 messages. Very strange. I would be up in arms if I had to wait this long for my item. It's 6 weeks
  4. Yes it is very odd, the only explanation I think is something happened, I for once never got a notice while the mailcompany said it had left one, I found out because the seller contacted me.
  5. I'm reshipping the item again today w/ insurance and confirmation. They need to sign since it's insured anyway. Not sure what's going to happen but the buyer has still not responded and her email thru paypal is invalid.
  6. not sure if i would ship it again till i had found out what was going on. you might end up getting it back again. it def sounds like something happened on the buyers end if they're not responding to any emails and haven't been around to receive the parcel
  7. i wouldn't ship it out again until they respond. just keep it for now until the buyer emails you back.
  8. I agree with the posters above. Hang onto the parcel and wait until the buyer responds
  9. Don't reship. Pull contact info. If no good, report the buyer for invalid contact info. Refund and relist. You can go to Live Help, Billing and ask for a listing credit.