WTD if buyer files a disclaim on you?

  1. This hasn't happened to me yet, but I would just want to be prepare if this ever does since I did take the risk to send a bag off to a buyer registered in the US but has a confirmed US Shipping address (which makes me not eligible for paypal's seller protection).

    I shipped the item with insurance plus signature required. I would like to know if for any reason, the buyer files a charge back on me, what should I do.

    I read here a while back there is some kind of claim that I can file against the charge back, but don't remember exactly what it was. Thanks so much!
  2. LOL I meant files a chargeback. I was reading the disclaim post and laughing so bad, even myself fixed up the words.
  3. I would say always ship with some sort of tracking and insurance, even internationally. I use express mail which offers free $100 insurance and tracking, this is more expensive, of course, you will have to charge higher shipping fees. But this is a good way to protect yourself and hmm..Always ship to buyers with confirmed paypal addresses... thats all I have for now

  4. thanks for the advice! I did ship with signiture required method. My concern is what if the buyer do a charge back through the credit card company claiming the charge is unauthorized? Will paypal be in favor of my side in these cases? Thanks!
  5. That is very rare. If it does happen and you shipped to a confirmed address and can show the item was delivered using an online tracking method you are covered under Pay Pal's buyer protection plan.