WTD? 0 feedback bidder paid w/ an unconfirmed address

  1. I emailed them 4 times with no response and asked that they get confirmed. No response at all. I finally denied the payment and relisted the item. Still no response. Is this the best approach? Should I have risked it? :s
  2. No, thankfully you just may have saved yourself from a major horror. I would not sell to anyone without a confirmed address. As for zero feedback, well we all had to start sometime. But, as for not responding to emails.....that tells me all I need to know. Stay away from this kind of buyer.
  3. I think you did the right thing, especially since the buyer didn't respond. I've had buyers with unconfirmed addresses and have emailed them and have always gotten a response. And if I didn't I would have done what you did.
  4. I think tht you did good in refunding the money but not sure about relisting it. If you waited 7 days is ok, but less than that can get you in trouble. Let's hope the buyer don't rate you a negative.
  5. Maybe you're right about relisting? I have another size that I'll change the auction to Thanks