WTB safety

  1. I know you need to be a member for 30 days and have 75 posts (was it 100 at one time??) to start a thread in the marketplace. But for Want To Buy, someone who is newly registered can surf that forum and post to the particular thread, or PM offering items NOT on the Marketplace and without having 75 posts and 30 days or having any contribution to the board whatsoever. :suspiciou Is this correct?

    I know the mods can't police all the transactions and they do a great job as it is keeping PF a good, safe place, but there's a scary loophole at Want To Buy where people are selling (or trying to) without really going public.

    Vlad and Megs - Is there any way to limit access to Want To Buy for the same time period as starting a new thread? I imagine that's too tricky, huh? :huh:

    The important thing is everyone take care with all your transactions - there are plenty of great ladies and gents here who are truly making a great community, but that doesn't mean there won't be a few sharks swimming around.... :cool:
  2. Yes, we changed it to 75 posts.
    Yes, anyone can PM a Seller or a Buyer in the Marketplace w/o having met the minimum criteria.

    Yes, EVERYONE needs to be ver careful and use their best judgement when choosing whom to do business with in the Marketplace.
    It's up to thh Buyer or Seller to choose whether or not to accept offers from anyone here.
  3. Can someone please explain the logic of "hiding" the marketplace? I don't really see what the big deal is - people are not sending out their items before receiving payment - you need to pay forst, so in the end why does it matter how long someone has been here.....not sure when in April I registered, but I purchased 2 items in the marketplace and paid for them immediately. And yes, I used the "scary loophole" on WTB by offering stuff that I had - wasn't aware I wasn't allowed to do that, but seriously, I was just trying to be nice by offering something I had that someone else wanted. I'm not out to swindle anyone, I'm not a "shark", and I highly doubt any other newbies are.

    Sorry if this comes across as harsh, but I have to say I'm a little annoyed.
  4. Unfortunately we don't publicly posts our issues as you can imagine and apprcciate.
    Our making it private helps prevent people that post WTB threads from being spammed by people that aren't contributing members here. We have been fielding A LOT of complaints about this.
    Also prevents people from joining SOLELY to sell their items here. That's for eBay, not tPF.
    So, yes, there are people here who are 'sharks' just like anywhere else.
    Sorry you're annoyed, but there's always the choice of not participating. ;)
  5. I think the annoyance is just b/c it was so sudden - and again I apologize. And I realize the mods have a difficult job to do, and don't have to have a marketplace to begin with. So, I am sorry if this was taken the wrong way......I do want to participate, that's why I am here....and why I felt like I needed to vent. I enjoy this community and am glad I found it.

    And thank you for the job you do.
  6. we're glad to have you ;)
    we felt like we were cornered, hopefully everyone understands that we're only doing what we feel we had to do.

    Thank you!
  7. I said this on the other thread and will say it here-i totally understand why you stop newbies from selling stuff-i just don't understand why you have the rules in regards to buying things too
  8. SwankyMamaof3 , are you a mod? And if you are, and have 5 min. to spare, could you PM me? I'm a newbie that need protecting, lol... I guess. I just don't have enough PF experience to deal with legit or not sellers, perhaps your insight could aid me in deciding what to do in a transaction. Thank you for reading this, I realize you are kept very busy at maintaing the rules on this forum :biggrin:

  9. I agree!!!!!!!
  10. Guccigoo, people who just registered last Friday were spamming others offering bags like balenciagas, chloe ediths, etc, all while racking up posts with 2 word contributions - you know what I mean? And that is only one example. Since they can't limit contents of posts, the only way to prevent that particular type of abuse is to limit access. I'm sure we'll all appreciate it when people like I just described go away.
  11. Whats spammin? sorry to sound blonde ( no offence to blonde ppl eaither) but i dont get what spamming means. i can understand why you wouldnt want ppl just to come in and sell. the whole point of the forum is to discuss. the marketplace is fairly new anyway so its a good think that this happened. i agree with the mods.!! great job
  12. ^^ Spamming basically is a reference to "junk" like junk mail, junk comments, etc... Hope that helps!
  13. I'm a little bumbed about the regulations, but I can understand how people can abuse the system... I guess we just need to adjust!

  14. I understand the reasoning behind the new regulation but personally I feel that it's really up to the potential buyer to protect themselves. The way I see it, if people are desperate enough to go so far as to fabricate reciepts or, as some you may have seen on another thread, to purchase receipts then waiting a month and posting 75 comments isn't really that difficult...