WTB: Hermes Forum Moderator(s)

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  1. To put less stress on our mods, we are looking for 1-2 individuals who would like to moderate the Hermes forum. The Louis Vuitton & Balenciaga forums will undergo the same treatment.

    Obviously you should have an excessive obsession with Hermes, be a total bag whore and enthusiast and be willing and ready to take care of misbehaving individuals. :graucho:

    Post here if you'd like to be considered, or recommend some names that come to mind!
  2. I must nominate Greentea and Kellybag (if she'll do it). They are both total hermes whores and I love them both!
  3. And LaVan.
  4. I was just thinking the same thing Sanguar when you posted that. ANd GigiLeung would also be great!
  5. I agree with Sanguar and jag. Greentea, Kellybag, LaVan and Gigi are all excellent choices.
  6. I agree that jag. Greentea, Kellybag, LaVan and Gigi are all excellent choices, AND I would like to nominate lilach as well
  7. I second Jag, Greentea, Kellybag, laVan and Gigi as well!!!!!
  8. I also agree with Jag, Greentrea, Kellynag, LaVan and Gigi. I think OTINGNOCI also knows quite a bit!
  9. I nominate Greentea and Kellybag if two are to be chosen...

    Their posts are impartial, diplomatic and supportive; I always get an answer from Greentea to my odd query here and there.

    I actually thought they WERE the Mods when I first joined! :shame:
  10. I think we're all pretty much in a consensus on this one.
  11. OOOOh, thanks so much for thinking of me (humbled...):flowers: :flowers:

    Sure, I'd help out if ya need me. I love busting spammers, too!:ninja:

  12. everybody nominated above as well as shopmom!
  13. Shopmom would be great!

  14. YAY -- Greentea!:yahoo: :yahoo: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :yahoo:
  15. Ooh, ooh, ooh, I got nominated. Thanks to everyone. :flowers:

    I would love to help though I cannot be 24 hours online since I also work full time. If that's not a problem, then count me in. :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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