WTB: Coach moderator!

  1. With its recent increase in popularity, this Coach forum needs one or two devoted moderators who love the brand, hang out here a lot and would like to give us a hand in keeping things organized around here. Main responsibilities include closing/moving/deleting/merging threads and posts, all for the purpose of making the immense amount of information easier to access.

    Please send me a PM if you think you're up to the task, prior modding experience not required! :yahoo:



    P.S. Bragging rights about being a mod on the earth's biggest handbag forum included! :happydance:
  2. finally a valid excuse to be on here 24/7!!
  3. haha! yes, aarti! i like the way you think!
  4. I wish I could but I am too new yet! I am still learning the ins & outs.
  5. This will be very helpfull as we get a lot of duplicate threads and repeat questions! Cheers and best of luck in your search:popcorn:
  6. aarti or kallison should apply! they know sooooo much! or sprinkles and ms-whitney? hope i got your names right. ya guys have been so fabulous and helpful! oooh! not to forget anotheremptysky!
  7. This is so exciting! The COACH subforum requesting a moderator just makes me all tickled and warm inside haha
  8. yippy !!!!!
  9. ooohh I would love to help!! But, I vote for Aarti & Kallison!!
  10. I vote for Kallison too. She's here 24/7 so she would get the job done.
  11. Woo hoo!!! That's such exciting news!!! Our little Coach forum is growing up!
  12. ^ LOL... funny. :yes:

    I vote kallison, aarti, anotheremptysky too!! Sprinkles & ms.whitney would be awesome too!! Because of all of their brand knowledge. However, if while it may not be possible - they probably hear the word "Coach" plenty throughout their days... ;) Congrats to the lucky new mods, whoever they end up being!!
  13. I vote for sprinkles!!!
  14. w/ one post you know who Sprinkles is?

    Weird! LOL!

    ANYHOO! We so need help, thanks for anyone that is considering!
  15. ^ :roflmfao: Swanky I don't know why but that got me laughing hystrically (sp?) LOL