WTB: Balenciaga Forum Moderator(s)

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  1. To put less stress on our mods, we are looking for 1-2 individuals who would like to moderate the Balenciaga forum. The Hermes & LV forums will undergo the same treatment.

    Obviously you should have an excessive obsession with Balenciaga, be a total bag whore and enthusiast and be willing and ready to take care of misbehaving individuals. :graucho:

    Post here if you'd like to be considered, or recommend some names that come to mind!
  2. My opinion for Balenciaga-Mods would be:

    - LouiseyPeasey
    - byMiMi
    - mlertpac
    - AmourN20
    aso. ! :love::yes:
  3. what is the salary? free bbags?
  4. I 2nd *all* these nominations! They would be fabulous Mods! :love:
  5. :graucho:

  6. LOL, I wish. But who knows what will happen once Xmas rolls around. :graucho:
  7. :lol: sweet surprise ??!! ;):lol:
  8. Excellent choices!
  9. Eeeekk!! Me! Me! LOL! Just kidding! Honestly, I think Firstclass's pics are wonderful! They are definitely the veteran resident Bal experts here. Murasaki, too! :yes: (forgive me if I am forgetting anyone--I'm still a newbie sorta)

  10. Oh Pupster .... me too, I'm still a newbie - but I've made very specialist experiences in the meantime with these "nominationed" . . . I'm sorry if I forgot someone else maybe ?! Yes, you're right: Murasaki would also be an expert Mod for balenciaga ! :yes::love:
  11. I'd be interested in being a mod as well :yes:
  12. Wow! :flowers: Thanks for the vote, ladies! Vlad, how much time does one need to commit to the job? I start grad school in September, so I won't have time by then. I don't mind helping out this summer though!

    My vote goes to Mimi & LP! Both ladies are obsessed with balenciaga (and that's putting it lightly :roflmfao: ), super nice & helpful.
  13. Oh it's not like there is a commitment of any sort. We would just love someone who is around a lot anyway to clean up dirt if any should pop up.

    We just need more coverage in general, as the forum is growing, growing and growing and our mods, Megs and myself can't be around 24/7 to keep things smooth.
  14. Well I am a stay at home mom who and I find myself on this board quite a bit - let me know if I can help!
  15. ^ Me too - I dangle here quite a bit.
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