WSJ Article on exotic skin purses


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    The New Politics of Purses

    [FONT=Times New Roman,Times,Serif]Python or anaconda? Popular styles fuel
    a debate over which species not to skin

    [FONT=times new roman,times,serif][FONT=times new roman,times,serif]By VANESSA O'CONNELL
    August 4, 2007; Page P3
    Snakeskin is slinking into fashion this fall, showing up on everything from $5,000 Jimmy Choo handbags to $750 Michael Kors belts.

    Python, which mostly hails from Southeast Asia and is known for variations in color and scale sizes and a supple feel, is the hottest skin of the season for many luxury-goods makers and designers. Others prefer anaconda, a native of the swamps of tropical South America, which has more regular-sized scales and a slightly plastic texture.

    What most consumers don't realize is that no matter which bag or shoes they buy this fall -- anaconda or python -- they will be taking a position in a global debate over which species of snake is more at risk of being endangered.


    That BV bag looks gorgeous...
  2. Thanks for posting! :tup: Interesting article, and I liked the photo slideshow.
  3. I HATE snakes! Kill them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. interesting article- thanks for that. I agree about the BV bag- it looks like a work of genius!
  5. I'm not big on snake skin purses...maybe b/c the ones I've seen tend to peel along the scales after a there a way to condition snake skin so it doesn't peel?

    Also, the feel of snake skin gives me goose bumps and kinda freaks me out but maybe I just haven't felt a good one yet. :p
  6. Exotic animals should be left alone! Not made into bags, belts or shoes! You all should be ashamed of yourselvs for supporting it! Oaisis not all snakes are bad you have just been influenced by dumb horror movies.