Wrongly charged my cc..what should i do?

  1. I'm pretty upset about my SA being incorrectly charged my cc...I actually order my reissue and she said she's gonna charged my cc that night. and I checked my cc next morning and its being charged a wrong amount. I called her to clarify this issue and she said she thought i may also want the other bag and that's why she charged me first in order to secure this bag...( dont u think she should have asked me first whether i want another bag b4 charge my card??)
    She promise me to reverse this transaction before charging the right amount, but then it's now been 3 days and the wrong transaction has not reversed yet...and now she's asking why my cc cannot allowed her for the payment...Gosh!! she even ask me to give her another cc number to charge again but NOT mentioning about the reversal.
    what should i do??:crybaby:am i being over reacted?
  2. That's quite odd that she can't reverse the charge onto your cc. If you have your cc and go into the store i'm sure a reverse charge can be done.
    I would be annoy if my SA charge a bag onto my card if i was only on a wait list/ comtemplating on getting the bag. Yes she should have asked you first.
  3. Thanks allbrandpls!!
    it really annoys me..becoz im so looking forward to receive my bag, and now got stuck on this issue..I'm living outside US so I'm not able to take my card to the store directly...
    but i think it should be fast for the reversal even though the card holder is not there, right?
  4. i think card reversal takes a few days especially if you are outside of US. Maybe call her to make sure she has done it.
  5. Ask your SA for the transaction code on the reversal. Then call your credit card company. Even if it hasn't gone through they will be able to tell you if it's in progress.
  6. Thanks czo28!! I called the card center already and there is no sign of any requesting for reversal..and it has already been charged to my credit card...:sad: There is nothing I can do becoz they need to do the reversal for me..not that i can call and cancel the transaction..:crybaby:
    im just start to think should i also cancel the order too...really not a happy deal...
  7. Hmm..this is annoying, change SA.
  8. Try calling the store and asking for the manager. Maybe he/she can help.
  9. Yes, I would do what czo28 said there... Obviously your SA is not doing what she supposed to be doing...
  10. o my, looks like your SA is trying to pull something.

    like the other ladies said, call to speak with a manager and then change SAs!
  11. yeah, I wouldn't be happy with that. She shouldnt assume that you would get that bag, she should have asked first.
  12. ID cancel this entire transaction and get a new SA..Call that store..ask to speak to the MANAGER...explain this situation..and ask her to call your credit card company and make sure it was reversed ASAP
    Good luck..this is a sucky situation.she had NO RIGHT to charge u an extra bag
  13. I believe what she did is illegal since she did not have your authorization to make such a charge. Not only should u call the store and speak to a manager, but u should call your cc company and tell them it was unauthorized by u. Also cancel the whole order and get a new SA, this one sounds very sneaky. Good Luck!!
  14. good luck...hopefully someone can fix this for you...
  15. yeah... doesn't sound like an SA i would use again..