Wrong woman named Miss California USA pageant winner

  1. from CNN.com


    LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- An accounting mix-up led to the wrong woman being crowned Miss California USA, and she's relinquished her crown to the rightful winner, organizers said Monday.
    [​IMG] Raquel Beezley was named Miss California USA after originally placing third.


    Christina Silva, 24, was declared the winner of the annual state beauty pageant, but she gave up the title to Raquel Beezley, who was originally named the second runner-up. Beezely, 21, will represent the state at the Miss USA pageant next April.
    The pageant's state director, Keith Lewis, said several judges questioned the results of the November 25 competition at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles. Lewis said the error was discovered the next day after the ballots were opened and recounted.
    "It was a simple human error," Lewis said.
    Silva has hired an attorney and is weighing her legal options, according to her manager, Tony Brewster.
    In a news release, Silva said she felt pressured to step down.

    "They never could explain their accounting error, but told me that if I didn't give up my crown to Miss Barstow, my personal integrity could be questioned, and my career could potentially suffer," she said.

    The contestants were scored by five celebrity judges who independently ranked them. The mix-up occurred when the points were reversed, with the lowest point given to the winner and the highest to the fourth runner-up, Lewis said.

    Roger Neal, who represents the Miss California USA pageant, said Beezley is the rightful winner. The pageant allowed Silva to keep her crown, sash and necklace and returned her $1,500 entry fee after the error was discovered, Neal said. Duplicates were being made for Beezley.
  2. I feel sorry for that Silva girl. Can you imagine being crowned first only to have the title stripped the next day? Poor girl :shrugs:
  3. I also feel bad for Christina Silva. It must be embarassing to have the title taken away. If she went ahead and seek legal actions, it will definately hurt her image:shrugs:.
  4. that is so stupid. they should have let the girl keep the title. so what if it was a human error? that was their own mistake, why should that girl suffer.

    these pagent stories, my goodness. drama drama, drama
  5. Poor girl! That really sucks if they did pressure her and threatened her career for her to give up the crown.
  6. Poor girl, what a downer.
  7. Has this ever happened before? This is the 1st time I hear about such a thing as giving the wrong title and imo it's pretty serious. I don't care too much about beauty pageants, but to these girls it is important. Wonder if there's such clause in their contract about such a thing.
  8. :yes: I hope she can over-come this or she will be known for this FOREVER
  9. Celebrity judges did the ranking? And they goofed up the way the ballots were done? Someone can't follow simple directions, obviously.

    I feel for the girl, Silva, too. AND the real winner... people are going to look down on her for someone else's error.
  10. Can't people vote correctly?
  11. ^^ Um, given the outcome of the last two presidential elections, they obviously can't. ;)
  12. I smell a lawsuit cooking.....
  13. The video of the Silva girl was very impressive. I didn't think the real winner looked all that hot in the news photog.

    If I legitimately didn't win I wouldn't want my crown. Dealing with adversity? Isn't this a Miss America trait?
  14. I wouldn't want to keep the title. Just think -- every appearance would be tained by people saying, "You know, she didn't REALLY win. They messed up the votes." I would rather give it to the girl who really won rather than have to deal with that.
  15. How tacky. I feel sorry for both of the girls.