Wrong Way Ritchie to do time @ Paris' Big House

  1. Nicole Will Do Time at Paris' Big House

    Posted Aug 2nd 2007 3:17PM by TMZ Staff
    Filed under: Celebrity Justice, Nicole Richie
    [​IMG]TMZ has learned Nicole Richie will do her time at the Lynwood jail -- the place Paris Hilton called home for 23 days.

    Richie had the option of serving her 90 hours at a "private jail." These facilities are nicer than Lynwood, for sure, but there's a downside. When an inmate does time at a private facility, they must serve out the entire sentence. At Lynwood, the Sheriff could turn a 4-day sentence into a revolving door, because of the overcrowding problem.

    Even if Nicole didn't go in and out, she would do much less than 4 days. She could enter Lynwood late one evening (as Paris did) and she'd get credit for an entire day. On top of that, there's "good time" credit that would shave a significant portion of the sentence.

    We're told Nicole's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, notified the Sheriff her client has chosen Lynwood. And Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore confirmed it.
  2. I think she got off a little light to begin with, now it sounds like she will only be in there for a few hours! Geez!
  3. Sheesh!
  4. hmmmm.....think of having a root canal for only a few hours.......that's the only thing I can compare her situation to.
  5. I bet Paris isnt too happy that Nicole will probably only serve 2 days or so.
  6. Pretty crazy that the 2 best friends can share their jail time stories.
  7. At least she accepts her sentence without drama and whining unlike certain others..
  8. Wrong Way Ritchie :lol:
  9. I wonder when she'll report.
  10. I think if she takes as much "responsibility" for her actions, she should just suck it up and do all 4 damn days in jail. The only raeson she chose lynwood was to get off easy. Grown up my a$$.
  11. Wow.. 4 days... she's going to be scarred for life.
  12. ^ Lol!
  13. When is she suppose to go in by?
  14. My take on this is that she is accepting her her sentence without drama is because she just might have been advised by her attorney that it will most likely not be for the whole 4 days just because of the overcrowding issue and the time of the day she can show herself at the jailhouse door. I'll bet she might spend one night, at best.
  15. If you had the option of staying 2 days over 4 wouldnt you choose the lesser sentence? I sure would! (mind you I would not be in her situation ...but IF I was...) KWIM?