Wrong type of meat & bad orders at the butcher: what to do?

  1. Hi everyone,

    The meat that we got today really crossed the line. Here where I live, people usually don't buy their meat from the grocery store, they go directly to the butcher to purchase their meat. My family does not eat Pork if we have a choice, so when we make hamburgers, we request 100% Beef.

    Nobody was home today during the hours the butcher was open, so we asked my grandmother if she would get it while she was at the butcher getting her things. She requested 1 Kilo of 100% beef, but she ended up getting Pork meat instead. She didn't notice since she had a large order, and when she gave it to me this afternoon I looked at it and it looked a little funny. I don't know much about meat, so I waited until my mom got home from work at 6. She saw it, and said that it was Pork. Now, the thing is...they charged us for Beef. THe price difference is actually pretty large - so it's not like we're only talking about a few cents.

    This isn't the first time it has happened at this butcher. We only have 2 in our town, and we don't like the other butcher - so we continue to go to this one. The first bad incident we had was when we ordered meat for Rouladen. ALL of the pieces had large chunks of fat and gristle on them, so we had to cut so much out of the meat that we hardly had any left to make rouladen. We've also had big chunks of fat and gristle in our hamburger meat too.

    What would you do in this situation? Everybody here seems so passive and likes to say "oh well, they made a mistake", but since it's the same mistake over and over again, I feel the need to say something - especially since we are paying money for meat that we don't like to eat!

    Would you say something to the butcher? Like I said, we don't like to buy our meat at the grocery store (already packaged) - but that looks like the only other option...
  2. This sounds a lot like what we do back home - for both meat and fish. So what I used to do was ask to see the order before it was wrapped up, just to make sure that the fishmonger hadn't thrown in a couple fish heads to make weight, or the butcher had thrown in extra gristle/fat.

    About the pork order - I think take it back - you also probably have the bill and tell the butcher that it was a mistake. I'm sure he'll fix it as he would not like to lose cusotmers.
  3. The thing is, we usually do check the meat - but it seems like they always manage to "hide" the fat and gristle. It really just makes me mad! They claim that they're a 5* butcher - but I'm not receiving 5* quality and 5* service!

    We ended up making the burgers anyway, since they were closed already - but I will go down tomorrow morning and let them know what happened
  4. I would go and let him know that you know what he has been doing. He's trying to scam you.
    I deal with food suppliers all the time. If you let them give you inferior product they will continue to do so all the time. If you speak up and let them know you know the diference, they will give you what you want.
    Yoour butcher knows the difference between beef and pork and the quality of beef needed for rouladen, he's just betting that you don't.