Wrong Decision Prada Gauffre

  1. :confused1: I am not sure what to do, for weeks i was desperate for the tote Gauffre in brown (the one Victoria Beckham has), everywhere was sold out in the U.K. (spend hours on the phone trying to find one) eventually i found one in the Paris Prada store - i was so happy. Anyway when it arrived about 6-7 weeks ago for some reason i was just not sure anymore but decided that as i had wanted it so badly just to put it away and that i would soon be using it fairly regularly. Well it has never come out again - big mistake buy. So what do you think i such do, just hang onto it and maybe use it one day or sell it on eBay. Are they still really desireable or are they just last seasons wonder bag now forgotten about. Please someone tell me what they think HONESTLY :confused1:
  2. Well--honestly--I think it will soon be last season's bag. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Lots of people wear Prada (and other) designer styles for many years even if they are not It bags any more. The problem with selling it on eBay is that because of the fakes, it's hard to get a reasonable amount on eBay--but, you would proabaly have your best chance of doing that ASAP. An additional problem might be that if you don't have an ebay history, people may be wary. I guess it would depend upon whether you think you will eevntually use it. It you think so, I would keep it.
  3. Hm, I know the problem - it gets worse bec you can't find it....
    Actually the Nylon Bags that Prada has this season are still in the rushed style so I guess it is not totally over. You will lose money though.
    I think you could still sell it on ebay - if they let you that is....

    You may not sell it to a super ahead of trends fashionista but everyone else that has been dying to get one will be happy to find an authentic one, in my opinion.

    Hope this helps and good luck :smile:

    ^^^ wanted to add that I agree with above - but there are ebay consignment shops and you have some of the big ones in London - you can PM me should you need their names... they may get a reasonable amount but obviously you would have to share with them...
  4. This happens to me too often - I empathize with you - as a matter of fact, I bought that exact bag at Saks when it first came out and returned it a day or 2 later, just didn't love it enough to justify the cost. In a situation where you can't return it (are you sure you can't?) I would hold on to it and fall in love with it all over again (probably soon) that does happen often. Don't sell it on ebay just yet, IMO, you'll never get close to value. Ebay has become a last resort to cut losses for me.
  5. I got this bag as a gift and I still love it!
    How many bags can boast of such a great history. It was the the Beckham bag of World Cup 2006! Madonna and Halle had something similar. It was the defining design of Prada not just last season but also 2006, and its ruffled look inspired the rest of the lines (incl the Miu Miu Coffer). And like lara0112 said, its still perpetuating as the nylon gauffre this season.

    I hope this bag will become the Birkin or Kelly of Prada. Frankly, I doubt Prada will junk this design; it may become one of their signatures like the Spy is to Fendi or the Speedy for LV or the muse for YSL.

    Its also worth keeping because it is in limited pieces. Few own it because its expensive. And hopefully once its out of production, the value may soar.

    Besides, a dark oversize leather bag will always be useful. I think u should just take it out and use it once in a fortnight. Lol.

    Sorry for my ranting aka rationalization!
  6. I really like the new coloured nylon ones. I am sorry sorry sorry :crybaby: to say that but I think it will be a fad. Do put your money on Balenciaga or the Spys or even LV... the value holds better too.

    But whatever it is, buy because your heart soars when you carry it.. not because you want it for resale etc
  7. lucidbabe, i did not buy the bag for resale if you read my post i had wanted it for weeks and had eventually found it in Paris. I would not have gone to all that trouble to resale. Sorry i also disagree that Balenciaga, Spys and LV hold there value better, i have not found this to be the case, these can be found many places (authentic ones) at very reduced prices nearly and brand new.
  8. thanks maguses, do you use yours every day, i am worried about doing this because the top is so open:confused1: (not very practical). I think i will probably keep it, it will end up in the cupboard with my Lanvin and all the other bags that do not see the light of day very often.:rolleyes:
  9. I would love to use it daily, but its not for every occasion. I cant bring it to work coz my clients expect me to be simple and professional looking lol. Instead I took pictures of this bag, and developed them as high gloss photos lol. I also scanned the Beckham pics from magazines and Runway pics and printed out as glossy photos. I would carry the photos around to show this wonderful gift from my bro to my friends. I was really obsessed!! I still am.

    I think u should try it a few more times. Its a very utilitarian bag, just think of it as a big shopping bag lol. I put all sorts of un-glam stuffs into it, like the way Vicky and Dave use theirs during the world cup. They stuffed it like a turkey. Just use it for day-to-day and glam up ur life (corny play on Spice Gals song, Spice up ur Life! Posh Spice's bag, geddit? Lol) Since u bought it, please just take the poor girl out once in a while. U will fall in love with it again!

    (come a little bit closer, baby, take it out, and take it out, coz tonight, is the night, when two becomes one)
  10. Yeah, it could just be a little bit of buyer's remorse. I agree wtih Maguses. Carry it a few times n' see how ya feel then. That happened to me with my black spy. As soon as I received it, I had doubts about it. After my first time carryin' it, I'd run back into a burnin' house for it! I LOVE that bag!

    Maguses, can I join you in singin' the Spice Girls' song!? I was a closet fan myself.:yes:
  11. I hate the idea of selling my bags...I love the fact that once I buy a bag, I want to keep it for life. And I never buy anything online. Ok, back to this. I love the Prada Gauffre tote, and I think it's such a fabulous bag that you can wear in all seasons. And I couldn't care less if anyone thinks that my bag is "past season" or whatever, 'cos it's Prada, it's leather and it's so glamourous!
    And I totally don't agree that certain brands have got "higher value" than others. I strongly disagree to that. And no, I don't think that Balenciaga, Fendi or even LV (<-NO NO NO!) have got a higher value than Prada. Don't get me wrong, I love Balenciaga and Fendi and the occasional LV piece...
  12. VOGUE - Thankyou:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. YES exactly vogue!
    I have the militare color in the tote and had to carry it a few times to get use to the size.
    I love it NOW!
    Take her out for a spin and you'll see then if you really like it (the bag is beautiful!)
  14. Rosie, you asked for an HONEST opinion. I did that. I am sorry if I offended you. I agree that not all brands can hold their value... and really, it is all about what you are happy with. Enjoy your bag!... sometimes, it's a love affair that grows with time! :heart:
  15. I have this particular bag and I totally love it..It carries everything and gets a thousand and one compliments to boot...Carry your bag and get to know it ...i am sure you will eventually come to love it :love: