wrong bag billed to friend-she wants to keep

  1. what should she do?
    she ordered another bag-billed for that bag ,but received another one-she prefers that one more
  2. a friend received a bag she did not order-but loves it more than one she ordered.should she report,it was a little more(their lost) or just call it good luck. the store was major store-believe me they would not miss the lost, but she is feeling a little guilty.
    I never get such luck-i usually get overcharged......
    Can she get some feedback on is it really unethical to keep or not...............
    ps. she was charged for the bag she originally wanted.
  3. oh my...

    i'd keep it. it must have been a sign from above. not unethical. they made a mistake. boo to them.

    i'd keep it, i hope i don't sound like a jerk for sayin that lol!
  4. I would call them and let them know their mistake and that she was going to keep it. If it is the same price, it should be fine, I would think. If there is a difference in price, they would adjust it. I don't know where she purchased it from and their policies. Jmo.
  5. so what if it was a more expensive bag-those "mistakes" never happen to me
  6. If it was a more expensive bag that I received, my conscience would not let me keep it without calling the company to adjust the mistake.
  7. It's the shop's fault not hers - maybe it's bad of me but I feel like I get ripped off enough in this world not to take advantage of good fortune from time to time! :nuts: Although in my case it's usually something much less exciting...like two choc bars for the price of one from a vending machine! :p

    But onto more important matters...what sort of bag is it?! :drool:
  8. That's a tough call :nuts: Let her heart and conscience be her guide.
  9. it was a coach bag-not sure of style-(i'm not a coach person).the difference was a couple hundred............
  10. If I loved the bag more I would probably just keep the bag rather than go through the hassle... even though it probably is the right thing to do to notify them.

    Unfortunately every time my order gets mixed up it's for something worse than I ordered and then when I try to get the right item it is gone. Last time I ordered a an adult cashmere sweater and wound up with a children's fur coat.
  11. I'd probably just keep the bag rather than going throught the hassle of trying to explain it to someone over the phone! Finders keepers! their error!

  12. i totally agree ;)
  13. I've heard that happen before. Its the stores fault. If she likes it better then she should keep it.
  14. On reflection, the reason things like this never happen to me is probably because I like to do my shopping in person...both because I don't trust the post and because I :love: :love: :love: shopping!! But then I'm lucky, being a London girl I have access to a LOT of shops! :yahoo: Now all I need is a rich man and life would be sweet! :amuse:
  15. I bought a DVD set from Amazon once, and they sent two of them, and I was only charged for one. I sent one back with a note that it was a duplicate. Then I got an e-mail saying my credit card is being refunded since I returned the item. I called and after explaining this to a rep and her manager, I still got the refund. Oh well, I tried. It WAS a big hassle!