Writing in your LV agendas

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  1. Hello ladies and gents (:

    This might be a silly question, but I'm going to go ahead and ask.

    I'm really contemplating about getting the pomme d'amour vernis agenda :heart:, but with my experience with 6 rings agenda is that the rings get in the way of me writing neat/legibly.

    Does that ever happen with you guys? If so, does it bother you?

    Or maybe it's just me and my awkward way of writing ...

  2. The pm that has six rings is not a problem. At first I thought that I wouldn't get pass the rings because they were all the time on my hands way but now when I think about it..:amuse: I don't even notice them anymore.
    But I guess it depends how big your hands are. I'm petite but have long fingers (according to my friends whose fingers are way shorter than mine :P).
  3. Never had that problem. If you think it would get in the way with the PM, you might wanna check out the MM.
  4. Yes I know what you mean...it does kind of irritate me...but it wouldn't prevent me from buying the agenda.
  5. I always have that problem with rings in a small map or agenda. That's why I bought the pocket agenda.
  6. I have a tiny agenda but I only have it for one purpose so it's not an issue.
  7. I found that my PM agenda was just too awkward to use comfortably at meetings. I decided to try the MM size, and bought a less expensive filofax to see if I would really use it before investing in another LV that I don't use! :smile:
  8. Hmm. I'm intending on buying an agenda in the next week or two and this is making me wonder about the size. I'm a guy, with relatively large hands... I don't know whether maybe the PM would be awkward for me to write in. I really don't want an MM size though, I want it to be compact!

    Maybe I will need to try out an inexpensive organiser first too!
  9. it doesnt bother me, although i dont write too much, only if i have an appointment or something specific on a day
  10. I prefer typing over writing these days lol, that's why I'm pretty content using my iPhone as an agenda.
  11. i like writing in my amarante agenda, even found a really small pen to go with it. The rings pretty much never got in the way for me.
  12. I dont have any issues with my pm, but my hands are small. im also used to writing in small agendas so the rings dont bother me at all.
  13. no problems with a vernis pm, but i have small hands. as someone else said, its only for jotting down quick notes so i cant imagine it will be too much hassle.
  14. Hmm... the only problems for me are in the areas around the rings since the pen can't really get in there. But otherwise no issues. And I have what my friends call piano/guitar hands.. gianormous hands for a itty bitty girl. Okay... let's just put it this way... I put some men to shame. haha...
  15. Love my pm agenda. Perhaps you just need to get used to it!:tup: