Writing a letter to the person who frauded my dad...HELP?

  1. Hi all,

    I posted a thread a few days ago about somebody who frauded my dad out of $1300 on eBay and now I'm looking for a little bit more help. I have decided to write a letter directly to this person. I am trying to be as nice, and calm as I can not to piss them off and to totaly blow my chances of getting my dad's money back - but now I'm kind of stuck.

    Should I mention to them that I have filed a claim with the USPS for Mail Fraud and with the IC3.gov website, or should I leave that out of the letter and let those organizations contact her themselves?

    Here is what I have written so far. I'd appreciate any help that you all could give me - I'm not very good when it comes to writing serious letters!! I starred out her email address, just in case it's against tPF's TOS :smile:

    Dear Ms. Pence,

    I am contacting you today regarding eBay item number (8422444661) “Krugerrand Gold Coin 1 Ounce Fine Gold Bullion Coin” and (8422463716) “Gold Krugerrand 1 One Ounce Bullion Coin South Africa” that were purchased by my father, Robert Tunnicliff (eBay ID: Robertt4495). A total payment of $1363.60 was on May 20, 2006 to the PayPal account registered under the email address: *********@aol.com. According to the shipping information that was provided to my father and I on Paypal.com, the items were shipped on May 20 via United States Postal Service Priority Mail under Delivery Confirmation number 9125 1501 3471 1478 2228 47. As of July 20, 2006 these items have not yet been received. I have contacted the United States Postal Service to inquire about these items, and I received a letter stating that no packages have been shipped under that specific Delivery Confirmation number.


    Now, after that I have no clue what else to write. Should I just stop here???
  2. Have you not got a refund from paypal?
  3. Nope, no refund from paypal. Just $150 for each of the item numbers that came from eBay...
  4. File a complaint with Paypal immediately. Although I loathe Paypal it is your only option to possibly get that money back. Paypal WILL find in favor of a buyer who has not received an item. He needs to notify the credit card company as well if he paid by credit card.
  5. Complaints were already opened through Paypal, and they sent a message saying that there were 'insufficient funds' in the other person's account - but they are continuing to work on our behalf to get the money back. I'm planning on calling AMEX tomorrow and get their "fraud ball" rolling :smile:
  6. I assure you Paypal will not do anything. Call your credit card company and file a claim with them.

    There's not even any need to write this guy a letter.

    Best of luck!
  7. L- it's not even worth trying to deal with these guys. Forget the letter as much as you want to write it. :sad:

    I would immediatly work on going through AMEX, filing a chargeback. You should be able to recover it.
  8. I talked to the local police department in Charleston, WV and they suggested that I write a letter concerning everything that's going on - so that maybe they'll get thinking that I do mean serious business.

    They also advised me to file with AMEX to get my money back. I'm going to be opening up an investigation with them too in the next few days - just gotta get all my papers together!
  9. This happened to me once. I paid some idiot over $800.00 for a Cherry Blossom Papillon, and they never sent it to me. I wrote a letter directly to the seller (since I paid with a Money Order, and there was nothing that Paypal could/would do for me).

    I got my money back in full. I'm a Paralegal, and like to think that I can draft up a pretty good letter every now and then. If I can find my letter, I'll copy it and post it here for you to copy.
  10. Since you paid with AMEX they should do a chargeback. I've heard AMEX is easy to deal with (I am an AMEX customer and haven't done a chargeback myself). Good luck to you!
  11. My friend works for AmEx, and they are pretty good about customer service. I would try going through them first.
  12. Ditto. Like what everyone has suggested, go to your credit card. They should be able to give your father the $ back then go after the seller to cover the money they would be giving your father.
  13. Ditto on everyone else's comments. You NEED to involve the credit card company.
    If you are sitll insistent on writing the letter I would scare them. Tell that that according to the USPS they have committed mail fraud (cite the law if possible) and that you will be filing charges if it is not resolved within X number of days.

    I have had to do this with other things (notably CFA papers for my purbred cat, which was an agreement of my contract when I purchased from the breeder...waited 5 months and no papers)....and I had those papers within 3 days.

  14. If you find the letter, PLEASE post it in here. We bought a Macbook on eBay about a month ago (stupid idea, I now know) and we STILL havent gotten it, or any type of a response. And we paid with a check that has already been deposited by the seller. :rant:
  15. OMGosh you have to be kidding. :wtf: Why would paypal not refund the money for items you didnt get?