Writing a formal letter to an ex foreign affairs minister/state prime minister???

  1. Hi everyone! I have looked on google and to be honest, I have nooo idea what to do! I'm planning to write to an ex-Foreign Affairs Minister (actually, Lloyd Axworthy, for you fellow Canadians who know who he is!) about his role in the Ottawa Process (Landmines ban), because I am doing research on the Ban and the decisionnal process that occured back then in Canada.

    Well, I got his email and everything, and I really want to write to him because I really admire his drive and what he's accomplished as a FAM and I'd like to know more about what pushed him to tackle the landmines issue. However, I have NO idea how to write a letter that is formal enough... :s :push: Could you ladies and gents give me a few hints? I would really appreciate :girlsigh: Thanks!!! :flowers:
  2. i would just try not to be too friendly sounding and not to gushy about how much you admire what he has done.
  3. there is probably some protocol about addressing things with "your excellency" or something related to that depending on his title...maybe a google search?
  4. Thanks everyone!!! I'll let you know if I get a response :shame: