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  1. ABC's new show was on tonight Notes from the Underbelly; it's an adorable program BTW (plus they referenced btw's initials for messaging but I digress). Anyway one of the main characters Julie made a comment about her purse as she was counseling a rich student at the 'academy'. Yes she said it's a knock-off, but the only way a person would know is by smelling it.

    LMAO Chloe is known for it's smell, although I'll have to say Julie's fake looked like a bbag...:graucho:

    Did anyone catch this little number??
  2. Hasn't come on here yet, but thanks for reminding me that it comes on tonite:yes: . I had forgotten that they changed the program to wednesday from thursday.
  3. That's cute...didn't see the show. I am busy reading my trashy romance novel collection during the evenings, (as a former English teacher, I can finally read what I like instead of what I have to! LOL):girlsigh: while my DH checks out what sports are on...but I ALWAYS say that the biggest clue to a fake is the smell! That is SO RIGHT ON. After you get past the lousy stitching and crummy hardware, the smell hits you in the face!! :cursing:
  4. Tina Fey is on this show and she is so savy. She may even produce the thing. ABC is on a roll with Grey's Anatomy; Desperate HW and now This Notes show. Anyway you read trash novels and I watch trash TV, LOL I only do those three shows ;) .....except for Dancing with the Stars...."Go Appolo"!