1. I've never purchased a wristlet before. I'm sure they'll be great when I'm running somewhere and don't want to carry my entire bag but does anyone keep them in their purse for regular use? What do you put in yours? I've got the Tattersall Wristlet on it's way but I'm really thinking I NEED this one too! I saw it Sat. and haven't been able to get it out of my mind!!

  2. i jsut started a similar thread- what can i use this for. lots of responses.
  3. I keep mine in my purse all the time and use it as a wallet. It's so convenient!
  4. I use wristlets as cosmetic bags in my purses. I have to have a matching one for each of my bags - its a sickness! That green one is adorable. I'm sure you'd get lots of use out of it.
  5. Stuff that might stain or ruin your purse if it leaked. Like pens, lipstick, lipgloss, makeup, etc. It is a lot cheaper to replace a wristlet than it is to replace a purse.
  6. I have 2 wristlets - a black nylon Hamptons one that I attach in my matching Hamptons tote and my camel Carly wristlet that my boyfriend bought me for my birthday.

    In my black one, I carry cards that I don't use on a regular basis as well as loose change. I use my Carly wristlet for going out. I've used it for Philly day trips as well as for going out to a bar or club. They also work well when my mom wants me to run to the grocery store for a few things. Plus, you can stuff them and since the stitching is fantastic they hold up forever!
  7. I use mine for my makeup essentials......lip gloss, compact, chapstick etc.
  8. I use a wristlet instead of a wallet. I've tried wallets, but I always go back to wristlets. Love them too if I'm running errands and I use them when I go out to a bar. I stick in my cards, ID, cash, etc. I put the wriststap through my keyring and everything is kept together. Love it!
  9. i put my camera in it, and then i put it in my purse. there's nothing else i'd use it for. i like my coach wallet, plus i think it's a pain to have to search for a specific credit card when they're all piled together in my wristlet. and i'm too paranoid to put my makeup in it for fear that some will spill (powder in this case). i only have one wristlet and i don't want to ruin the red signature lining. it's so pretty!
  10. I keep mine in my purse. If it's in my tote, I usually keep lipgloss or my camera in it. If it's in my pouch, I keep all my "wallet supplies"(cash, cards, etc) in it, cause I have a huge wallet, and it doesn't fit in my pouch.
  11. I have at least 3 wristlets in my purse at any given time - one for lipglosses, one that holds my phone and mini skinny, and one for pens or other miscellaneous items like bobby pins...I think I have some pirate stickers in there too...haha.
  12. I use mine for my cash and cards, with my mini skinny inside. Sometimes, I skip the mini skinny and stick a small card holder inside of it to hold my cards. If I carry two wristlets in my bag, then the other one usually has lip glosses in it. Sometimes I grab the wristlet and go; I just attach my car and house key inside, throw in one lip gloss and my cards and a few dollars. Very convenient!