1. So i'm eying a soho framed wristlet in both green suede (it is a pain to clean?) and a black leather (so classy) on eBay....i'm debating wether I should buy one of those or stick with a brown signature stripe wristlet?....I love the green because it's so different...and a little snazzy :nuts:

    Which would you buy if you were me?
  2. It depends on what look you are going for. Also, what other Coach items do you have. I am looking for a wristlet as well but since I have a khaki hobo I want something different. I would go for the green suede just because you do not see it that often. Hope this helps!
  3. i'm leaning towards the green suede.....
  4. these green suede ones are at the outlets I believe...be sure you check there (if you have one local) before paying eBay prices.
  5. unfortunetly I don't have one near me....
  6. IMO, suede IS definitely harder to take care of, but if you love it, it'll be worth it right? :-P
  7. Get the one you like the best and you'll be happy!