1. Explain them to me please. Do people buy these to use as teeny tiny purses? Wallets? make up bags? I guess I don't understand them-please explain. :shame:
  2. some people can actually fit their necessities in them

    i personally can't but i do use a wristlet in my purse to hold my store cards.

    i think wristlets are adorable but in many ways they are not the most practical at least not for me
  3. I use my wristlet to store makeup, as a wallet, or alone when I go out to clubs or even shopping when I don't need to carry a lot. I love Coach's wristlet & own quite a few.
  4. I use mine as a wallet, usually when I don't feel like carrying any bags like when I'm going grocery shopping. I keep cash, credit cards, id, cellphone, lipgloss and gum in mine. I don't think it can hold anymore :lol:
  5. If I have to go to a friend's bday at a bar or a club, it fits everything I need without bringing in a purse or bag. It can hold my digicam, my IDs and CCs (I don't carry cash but it would fit that too). Not bad, I say!
  6. I used them to store little things so I won't have to dig through my bag whenever I need them.
  7. I personally do not like them because I prefer a bag that I can carry on my shoulder with ALL my crap in it,but they do look pretty with evening attire,if all you need is some money and a lipstick or something.