1. I have the first one in mineral and am using it in my Mandy as a cosmetics case right now. It holds alot of stuff! I don't know that I would use this one as a wallet though, only because it's bigger and stuff might flop around. If you wanted to use one as a wallet I would probably go with the last one.
  2. The Chelsea turnlock wristlet has one pocket for a few credit cards or cash. The pocket is about the same size as a credit card, so you won't be able to jam it full, but it should hold a few cards or your license, etc. None of the smaller wristlets have pockets.
  3. I have a soho leather one i got at thie outlets, which has a snap pocket in the front- i use it as my wallet- the cash goes in the zipped pocket and change and id in the snap one!
  4. I have 2 wristlets. Both of them have a credit card slot inside. I put my cell phone, keys, drivers liscense, and credit cards when I'm on the run!
  5. The wristlets with the flap also have a small credit card pocket.
  6. i have the hamptons vintage leather wristlet in bordeaux and it is HUGE. it does not have an inner pocket, but i can fit loads of stuff in it and it doesn't look full. the strap also connects to the other side to make a little demi bag. I LOVE IT. i had the leather legacy wristlet, but returned it because it is too slim/tight.
  7. When I use wristlets, I have a small little credit card holder that I store inside of it, then I can take it out when needed. It holds about 6 or so in 3 little pockets. I like it better then actually putting them in the wristlet.

  8. HI! I like all three of those wristlets too.

    I am a proud owner of the legacy leather wristlet in whiskey. I use it as my wallet. I put my driver's license, insurance card, 2 credit cards (I only use those 2) and starbucks card in the front compartment and money (folded in half), receipts and cell phone (KRZR) in the back compartment.

    I can still close the wristlet with the turnlock no prob (a little tight though).

    I also use a LV Monogram groom cles to hold my other much less used cards (i.e., frequent buyer cards, ATM card, Dept store cards). The cles always stay in the purse, but if I am out running errands, I just grab my wristlet.

    BTW, a LV cles can hold TONS (at least 10) of credit card sized cards without looking bulky.
    wristlet1.JPG wristlet2.JPG cles1.JPG cles2.JPG cles3.JPG
  9. more pics to show exactly how many cards my lil cles holds :tup:
    cles4.JPG cles5.JPG
  10. Thanks so much everyone! And thanks kiuty77 for the pics - I never would have thought the LV cles could hold so many cards! Guess I'm off to Coach! :smile:
  11. I know that I use my wristlet for receipts and such.
  12. Spinky:

    You're very welcome! These wristlet is definitely my fav! I am sure you'll like yours too! (it'll look really cute if you put a charm on it too)
  13. Yes, I do the same thing! :yes: