Wristlets - Which one!

  1. I need a coach wristlet and can't make up my mind at the PCE. So bought all 4 of them, and only keeping 2.
    Should I keep
    Ergo wristlet? (khaki/white)
    Hamptons Signature - Khaki ?
    Mini Signature - Khaki ?
    Soho Leather - Black (looks like a better deal since all leather...but no logos) ?

    Or is black on black fabric wristlet better for the 2nd or 3rd item above?
  2. Gosh, I don't know, it's hard without seeing them - but I do like the ergo wristlets. They're a good size and cute!
  3. I don't like the ergo ones, I think they're... well, not pretty. But the Hamptons Signature or the black leather are gorgeous! Especially the black on black Hamptsons. I like the black leather even with no logos.
  4. I think the ergo one looks a bit bulky, and not for more formal occasions. So still having 2nd thought.
    I think big signature looks better than mini signature though. What do you think?

    Yes and I love the feel of coach leather! That's why I also bought the leather one.
  5. Go for the Soho leather and the Hamptons Signature. Both classy pieces, plus a good combo of materials!
  6. i agree, a classic leather and a sig are your best bet and work with many outfits and many occasions
  7. do you have pics?
  8. Yup...i think the hamptons sig and leather look better, also more versatile.
  9. yeah, either the hamptons sig or leather do look better. Hard to choose between the two. I would see how many things you have that can go with each and pick the one that goes with the most.
  10. You should definitely keep the hamptons sig and the black leather ones. You'll definitely use the black a lot and the leather is so wonderful. I agree with you about the sig. I also prefer the larger sig. I just feel it's more classic.
  11. I would return them all and order the legacy signature.......it's so cute!!

    item #40721 $98 but on PCE it's only $73.50

    this is what it looks like (it has legacy striped lining and a back slit pocket):

  12. I think your wristlet really looks classy!! Thanks for the suggestion, but can't find it at the store nearby.
  13. you have to have them order it for you, they did for me and still gave me pce if they won't give you pce, then get another wristlet that's $98 (that they have in stock w/pce) then swap it out when these wristlets come in the store.
  14. Really? They allow you to swap to another wristlet type if it arrives later??? (now out of stock though). I'll get another bag then!