Wristlets, Wallets and stuff

  1. :heart:These are a few of my favorite things:whistle:. Minus my scarves and charms yet to come. (and I can't find my chunky charm bracelet) I will take the purses out of their dustbags a.s.a.p. to photograph. :love:
    wallets and wristlets oh my 001.jpg wallets and wristlets oh my 007.jpg wallets and wristlets oh my 015.jpg wallets and wristlets oh my 012.jpg
  2. I am so in the market for a new wallet!! I love your collection!!
  3. your collection is cute and so is the kitty cat on the bed hehe
  4. Wow!!! You have a great collection! Congrats!
  5. wow! You have a GREAT wallet, wristlet and accessory collection!!! I have 1 wallet, :lol:
  6. Wow, that is quite the collection.
  7. Your wallet and wristlet collection is awesome. I just have a mini skinny and one wristlet.
  8. I was totally overwhelmed taking them all out. Kinda feeling a little guilty. That's probably why I hesitate taking pics of the bags. Please tell me not to feel guilty!!!:flowers:
  9. What an awesome wallet collection. Can I steal one...LOL...I have yet to buy one for myself.:blush:
  10. No need to feel guilty at all.
  11. What a great collection!
  12. Would you like my address? J/K
  13. holy cow!
  14. Take it out of the bags...I can't wait :yes:! I need to see whats in those coach bags. :drool:

    I love your wristlets,wallets and charms plus your kitty is cute!
  15. Wow, great collection! I'm impressed! I want to see what's in the bags too! :yes: