Wristlets-how many do you have?

  1. And, how often and with what do you use them? Can you have too many? Do you find them useless? I am finding myself more and more attracted to them but am wondering if I am getting carried away
  2. I think it depends on the wrist piece... that should be the determining factor. For example.. I have one wristlet.., but the wristlet is a bracelet connected to the purse. I've seen some wristlets that look like makeup bags if that makes sense, because the bag is tiny and the zipper detail, etc.

    I think you should do what makes you happy, and I know wristlets are safer because you don't have to hold it like a clutch, but clutches definitely look better.
  3. I have one to match every purse....
  4. I have two. A Fendi Selleria Pythone brown one and one I won here! a LaNeige mignon pouch on green. Its soooo pretty!

    You can never have too many!
  5. I only have one wristlet; it's Coach. It's a X'mas gift from a friend. I don't really use it since I love carrying big purses :amuse:
  6. I have 2 wristlets: a coach signature logo in light camel, and a MICHAEL Astor wristlet to match my tote. But I find that I use neither because I can't put everything I need (keys, credit cards, money, phone, compact, lip gloss) in either one.
  7. none :sad:
  8. I only have one, but since all my purses are fairly big I just use it as a wallet sometimes.
  9. I don't have any.
  10. I have 4 & they are all from Coach. I just like their designs, but I don't find them useful @ all if I'm to use them alone. I like to put make-up in the wristlet & throw it in a larger bag.
  11. Ooh! Thats a good idea too.
  12. i have one and i never use it..except for my passport when travelling
  13. Just one. A pretty Coach one that I use in my big bag as a make-up bag. But I also keep it in there in case I am shopping and need free hands. I shove money, credit cards, and licence in there and it's what I need for Outlet shopping.
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  14. I have two. I like them because they fit my cell phone and money and ID and I can keep track of them at concerts and dances since they're easy to hold.
  15. I have a coach one and a dooney one. I'll use the coach one if I'm just going out for a little bit, and the dooney one is too thin, so, I'll use it for CC, coins, bills and such and throw it in another bag. I tend to rotate bags and wallets weekly, so, they all get plenty of use :smile: