Wristlets at Outlets

  1. Hi I am in search of a black wristlet.... DO you know if the outlets are carrying any black ones. I really want a leather. I am going on a cruise in 12 days and I am trying to save some $ so I want to check there, however its on the way to the port, and I don't want to get there and they not have what I need and end up without any!!! I will be going to the one in Ellington, FL if that helps! Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm not sure about the outlets in Florida, but I went to the San Marcos outlet in Texas and they had plenty of wristlets all in different styles. They had a lot of the signature wristlets and some all leather wristlets (these had a slightly wider bottom than the top - I don't know what style they were). They were too cute! :drool:
  3. At mine they have the black one with the patent trim at about $40, last time I checked. With the sales for the holidays, they may be an additional percentage off of that now.
  4. I purchased several of the #8365 at the outlet in Sevierville, Tn. last weekend. I purchased the black and the khaki signature for gifts. I located the # on drilldown, but, not identical item on the coach website. If I remember correctly they were $22 - $23 each. Hope this helps you.
  5. I recently purchased a black leather one from the outlets in MA. Hope you do find what you are looking for!