wristlets as wallets

  1. do any of u use wristlets in place of wallets??
  2. I do... I use a large wristlet. I carry just a couple cards, license, and $$ so I don't feel the need to drop $150-250 on a wallet :smile:
  3. No. I use them more as makeup bags or as ID holders when I go into the dining halls at my university. I like the compartments that wallets offer to make everything more organized and accessible.
  4. yup i use my legacy stripe framed fold over wristlet as a wallet. it has two zippered pockets, one open pocket, and the main part w/the kisslock closure. i keep my change in the back pocket zippered pocket, my cards in the front zippered pocket, cash +cupons in the open pocket, and receipts in the main part.
  5. The only wristlet I use as a wallet is my Legacy one because I haven't found a Legacy wallet I really like yet at the outlets (I refuse to pay retail for a wallet - might as well buy a bag!!) to match my Legacy pieces. Other than that, I have a black leather wallet and brown leather wallet I got at the outlet that matches all my other bags.
  6. Yes. I'm using the Holiday Patchwork wristlet as my wallet right now. It holds my cards and a lip balm (it's huge!). I also have the Tattersall coin pouch/keyfob thing that I use for cash/coins.
  7. Currently I'm not.

    But I have before and for a LONG time.

    I would carry my cash and change in one. I used a soho framed wristlet for this, I would put my change inside my mini skinny and the cash folded up next to the skinny.

    Then I would use a hamptons sig wristlet for all my cards, etc.

    However there are many wristlets out there, heck even my framed one would be big enough, where you could fit everything into just one wristlet.

    Some people might think this would get crazy in your bag or when trying to use them, but it wasn't. At times it was easier to use in smaller bags than a wallet and after about the 2nd time purchasing something you get used to which one you need to pull out. I always liked the fact that my cash and cards were apart, because you either pay with one or the other.

    It worked out WONDERFUL for me and I loved it and still do, but I did get a wallet recently and have been carrying it.
  8. I'm using the bleecker capacity wristlet as a wallet. It also holds a cell phone, car keys and lipsticks.
  9. I use my wristlets as wallets exclusively. They hold my cards, ID, and the little bit of cash (if I have any, actually...I usually don't carry much cash).

    The greatest thing is if I am just going to run a quick errand I can pop my cell phone into it and go. I love love LOVE my wristlets.
  10. I've never used a wristlet as a wallet yet, but that'll change once I get my new wristlet for x-mas!!!
  11. I dont use wristlets as wallets b/c I like to be able to have my checkbook with me at all times. (that way when it comes time to pay the bills, I know exactly where it is!)
    I bought one wristlet a few years back and have only used it when going out to the bar where I only need my ID and money. I never bought another b/c I just didnt find myself using it very much. I need more space!
    But I know plenty of ppl who use wristlets as wallets. I dont think there is anything wrong with that. If it works for you and can fit all your stuff, go for it!
  12. Depending on what purse I carry I have a small multi function wallet, slim envelope wallet, or a mini skinny that I usually use, but I always carry a brown leather wristlet for coupons and all of those discunt cards. If I am going out and do not want to carry a purse I will put $$, ID and CC in a wrislet and bring that with me instead.
  13. I started doing this a few years ago and gave up my wallet. I felt the wallet took up too much room and added extra weight. The wristlet holds all of my wallet type stuff and I can find what I need in it easily. I have a wristlet to match each bag and I clip them inside. It's easy to switch out of a wristlet too.
  14. I do! Esp when I have a small purse. My wallet is just too big. I love it because that way if I go out at night I can just take the wristlet out and it has my ID in it and credit cards and I'm good to go. Maybe add a lip gloss to it or something.
  15. I have used my wristlet as a wallet (actually yesterday and will do today while finishing up last minute shopping) but generally I use a Coach wallet in whatever bag I may be carrying. When I use my wristlet, I put my mini skinny inside. I'm only this minimalist while shopping. I can throw cash, cards, license and lipgloss in it and go. When shopping with a 4yr old, it's not a good idea to carry a big bag. Her bag is bigger than mine! I keep it in the truck and has a change of clothes in case of accident, and snacks. The less I have to carry with her, the better.