wristlets as camera bags?!

  1. kathyrose posted in another wristlet thread that she uses them for cameras and i think thats a brilliant idea!! what wristlets do you all think would work for that? or what are your favorite wristlets?
  2. The larger ones would be good and the large beauty cases too (because they come with a wrist strap just like wristlets)!
  3. I would use the beauty cases they are much roomer.
  4. I use the regular wristlet. It depends on how big your digicam is. Mine is relatively small and sleek. It doesn't hold my cords though, just the digicam. If I were to have a wristlet to hold the camera and the cords and such, it'd have to be a tiny beauty case.
  5. its one inch wide by maybe 4/5 inches.. maybe i should bring it with me and try it out?
  6. I would ba a tad worried about them not having padding inside them.
  7. My camera is 3.75 long, 2.25 high and 1 in thickness. It should hold well. =)

    If you've seen my collection pics, I've used it with the 3 metallic wristlets (pink, blue and green) and it fits snugly. I'd take a pic of it but there's no other camera for me to take a pic of the camera in the wristlet. LOL.
  8. I was worried initially about this too but I either carry it inside my bag (neatly arranged ones) or I carry it as a wristlet itself and I loop it around my wrist and hold the body of the wristlet. I never let it dangle.
  9. what are the dimensions for your metallic wristlets?
  10. I think using a wristlet is a great idea.. I actually use this Coach Gold Coin purse on the bottom left as my camera bag. I use the patent pink leather one for my mini Ipod

  11. I have one of those huge digi cams from a long time ago, lol, and I use a black leather hard sided mini beauty case. For added protection, I wrap one of the Coach dustbags around my camera then place it in the beauty case. It fits perfectly. Because of the hard sides, I don't worry about anything breaking or hitting the camera itself.
  12. 6.5 long, 4 high and well, it's flat when empty. :girlsigh:
  13. Oh yes, I've specifically bought some wristlets to use for my digital camera (it's pretty small and slim so it fits the regular size wristlet). I also used to buy them for my XM radio until Coach came out with the larger PDA cases that work perfectly for both that and my Creative Zen Xtra MP3 player. It's hard to find nice cases when you don't have an iPod like everybody else on the planet.
  14. :love:!!
  15. i used this beauty case as a camera case when i went to the philippines last december. it held my camera, 2 extra batteries, 2 extra memory cards, some cash, and my lipstick/lipgloss. i use this case for everything...i love it.