Wristlets and Mini Skinny

  1. This may be a really dumb question, but how do you use your wristlets and mini skinnies (did I spell that correctly? lol!)? And how often do you really use them? I have a couple of wristlets and I don't really use them because they are too small for me to carry all of my things in. The only use I personally seem to have for them is to throw them in a larger purse! They are so cute, but I feel like they are kind of impractical for me!
  2. I use a wristlet everyday. They just make it easier for me when I want to change bags. I just swap my cash and cards and stuff from 1 wristlet to another.:yes:
  3. I use a mini skinny every day. I have one to match all my bags. I carry my cash in the zipper pocket and my credit card and license in the outside pocket. I can't live without my mini skinny!

    My daughter carries nothing but wristlets. She won't even carry a bag...just puts the wristlet in her school backpack or track bag.
  4. I use them daily!

    I use a mini skinny as my wallet too. I put cash, 1 credit card and license inside the zip part.

    The wristlets I use as a card container to hold all the store cards and gift cards.

    Both go inside my bag. But I also use the larger wristlets (like the bleecker signature capacity) as a clutch bag for quick trips to the grocery or anywhere I dont want my bag to get dirty. It can fit my cellphone, cash, some credit cards and my license.

  5. here is how I use my mini... I dont have a wristlet yet but I'm planning to get one to use either for my camera or cell phone.
  6. I couldn't carry a wristlet or mini skinny as my main bag, I've got too much stuff that I simply *must* have with me at all times. But I like them for throwing into larger bag to help organize things, especially if it doesn't have separate compartments.

  7. In my wristlet I carry all my club cards and coupons etc. I only use a mini skinny when I carry my carly demi. And then I only put my ID, 2 credit cards and little cash.
  8. My mini skinny has cash and loose change in the zippered part. My license, registration and insurance in one outer pocket, and my ATM card is in the other outer pocket. My wristlet has lipglosses and gum. I have a second wristlet with feminine items if it's "that time of the month." I sometimes just grab the mini skinny, keys and phone and run out the door! Otherwise I throw everything (plus a whole lot more) into whatever bag I'm carrying.
  9. I use both, my wristlet is my grab and go wallet and my mini skinny holds all my extras cards/gift certificates. So while I won't carry a mini by itself, I definately grab a wristlet when I am running a quick errand or don't want to lug a huge bag.
  10. The more the better! I carry 2 wristlets instead of one wallet and a mini skinny too! When it comes to changing bags (which I try to do 2-3 times a week) it is so easy to just toss the wristlets and mini into the new bag.
  11. I use two mini-skinnies and two wristlets depending on what bag I am carrying with me.

    One Mini Skinny I use only for change as I don't keep my change in my wallet. The other one holds my iPod shuffle. If I am going to work out, or go run, I slip my ID and credit card in with it.

    As for the wristlets, depending what bag I am using, one holds my BlackBerry and Bluetooth headset, the other one holds things like cough drops, a watch, pencil and eraser, things like that, then I use a make-up bag for that sort of stuff.

    If I am using a purse that is like a bottomless pit (like a tote or my Speedy) it's easier for me know where stuff is that way. I tried a Purseket in my Speedy for this reason, loved the pockets but missed the sagginess.
  12. I use mine everyday too. I keep some cash and all my CC and license on a little silver CC case. Its not hard for me to find anything in it since I dont keep too much stuff. I do want a wallet too dont get me wrong but I think wristlets are very practical, if I dont want to bring my purse I just stuck my cell in my wristlet and I am good to go.