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  1. OK-after much back and forth emailing and phone calls and meetings-ugh-you would think I was buying gold! Anyway-today, I purchased a wristlet and a mini skinny from a woman on Craigslist-i got a good price-$50 for both of them and they are like new! I don't even think she ever used them-they feel great!

    She said her SIL who is a Coach nut gave them to her, she said they had Macy's tags on them when received. Now-here are my questions-she seemed like a nice lady-older person-probably mid 30s (Gawd! is that older? I am 41! LOL)-lives near me-gave me her cell phone number, met me in person, etc.-I really have no reason to think they are fakes except for my paranoia after seeing so many fakes on eBay-and, yes, i know even if they aRE fakes-it was only $50 (I talked her down from a higher amount)-but, it is just the principle of the thing with me.

    So-do wristlets have any creed or insignia inside them? What about the inside fabric-anything special there? Same questions for the mini skinny-anything on the outside of them either that I should know about?

    I can't take a pic because my battery is -but, here are the styles I bought off of the Coach website:

    Mine is the dark brown one;

    Also-my mini skinny has a silver colored key ring/chain-is that normal?
  2. I have the weekend scribble multipocket wristlet and the matching mini skinny bought from coach.com. I know the mini skinny has no creed but I can't remember about the wristlet~I'll check for you later. The wristlet came with 2 colored coach tags~green and blue.
  3. Hm. I'm not sure if this is true for all mini skinnies, but I bought this one a couple months back -


    See it in the corner here -


    And it has COACH stamped in the inside (more than once), and they are kind of at an angle. I wish I could show you a picture, but I never took pictures of the interior before I threw my camera away :[ Sorry, I know you probably cant visualize what I'm saying.
  4. Not all skinny minis have the Coach on the fabric inside. I have three minis and two do have the Coach fabric on the inside while the other does not. (I can assure, they're real.) I'll take some pictures to post and show you what I mean.
  5. Alrighty. Here's a picture of my three. (Sorry, I don't know the name of the lines they're from...)


    The top two both have this fabric in them...


    While the bottom one...


    ...has this fabric inside:

    Pardon the crazy watermark :shame: . Hopefully this helps and if the pictures are too dark I can lighten/take a different one. The flash on my camera is being weird tonight.
  6. ^ Thanks BeccaLynn. See Nishi - BeccaLynn and I have the same style mini skinny (style # 6K25), well her brown ones are just like my green one, and we both have COACH stamped in the interior. So if you're mini skinny is the same style it should have that too, but if its a different style (like BeccaLynn's last mini) and it doesnt have the stamp that doesnt necessarily mean its fake.
  7. OK Becca-my mini skinny looks just like the one in the middle on yoru pics-and, yes, it does have Coach imprinted on a weird angle on the inside fabric and all-the wristlet does not. Thanks ladies-I feel better now! :biggrin:
  8. wow that bag is gorgous!
  9. Thanks girl! That was my first baby, lol :heart:3
  10. just askin..about how much stuff u can put in those skinnies?!
    their sooooo cute
  11. Oh gee-the 2 I have I can fit in a couple of cards and some money and change. I guess it depends on if you are carrying it alone-putting it inside a wristlet or putting it inside a bag.
  12. That's a great deal Nishi!
  13. About what Nishi said, some cards and change. The COACH website tries to add appeal by saying its fits an iPod Nano, lol. So if you have an iPod Nano I guess this would make a really cute case!
  14. i usually like to put lip gloss, a $20 bill and a credit card in it.
  15. :yes:
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